Ouija boards are still the medium of choice for ghost seekers in movies. But with the advancement of technology, ghost hunting has also received an upgrade. Wanna be a paranormal expert for a day? All you need is a phone and a strong heart. (A crucifix is optional but highly recommended.)

Whether you want to contact a deceased loved one or are simply trying to give your little brother a scare, here are the best ghost apps for in 2019.

8 Best Ghost Hunting Apps

Ghost Hunter M2

ghost-hunter-m2Exclusive for iPhone

We’re going to start with an app that Selena Gomez used on The Tonight Show. This is one of the most popular ghost-hunting apps out there. Designed by actual engineers, you can be sure that a lot of thought has been given to making this app work as efficiently as possible.

This app provides the most features in this list, including a geoscope and a lux scope. Its algorithm makes it easy to detect energy fluctuations faster.

When it comes to detecting electronic voice phenomena (a.k.a. sounds from another realm), this ghost app features an audio detection instrument that analyzes complex audio signals. It then presents its findings by flashing the words on the screen and projecting it through the speakers.

Despite being an advanced app, the Ghost Hunter M2 is actually user-friendly. It is popular among experts but is also a great choice for beginners.


  • Option to turn off audio on EVP
  • Developed by real engineers
  • Words given out are often relevant to user’s present or near future
  • Includes geoscope and lux scope
  • User-friendly


  • Not free



Exclusive for Android

There are five main tabs in this app that will want to keep you hunting for ghosts. Unfortunately, however, two of them are only available in the pro version, so you’ll have to cough up a few bucks for them.


The first tab is the magnetophone. You’ll see an image of a simulated magnetophone on the screen, which enables the user to record sound. The image used is of the vintage tape recording devices used in the Second World War, which adds to the fun of the experience.

The second tab is a paranormal detector, which detects levels of paranormal activity. It is similar to a seismometer except that instead of earthquakes, it detects presence of entities in the area.

The next tab is the ghost finder, which emits sounds if it detects something unusual. We’re not a fan of the image in this tab though. It shows a really awkward hand holding an EMF meter.

The radar is in the next tab, and this feature allows the user to pinpoint the location of the energy on a map. Finally, there is a camera that converts the sensor readings into images. These two features are available only in the pro version.

You can download the Ghosts app on the Google Play Store.


  • Contains magnetophone, paranormal detector, radar map, ghost finder, and camera
  • Uses color codes for ghost energies


  • Contains simulated images
  • App has tendency to crash


Ghost Detector Radar Camera

ghost-detector-radarAvailable for iPhone and Android

From its name, you can tell that this app allows users to utilize their device’s camera to interact with ghosts. Yes, we said interact.

Not only does this app enable you to see specters, it also features a chat box so you can talk to the ghosts that the app detects. If that’s not cool enough, it also tells you what kind of ghost you’re about to interact with.

Don’t worry if you’re the shy type because ghosts often introduce themselves to you through the app. Some users, however, report that some of the ghosts detected would disappear after you talk to them. They say that more people prefer dying over public speaking. We think this might be true.

This app is generally free, but if you don’t want your conversations to be interrupted by ads, you have to cough up a few bucks.


  • Free
  • Enables users to talk to spirits
  • Camera-enabled to see specters
  • Provides information about frequency and kind of being detected
  • Gives out warning to users


  • Users find the app gives out similar words for different people
  • Requires iOS 9 or higher
  • Some ghosts disappear when you try to talk to them


Ghost Detect Pro

ghost-detect-proExclusive for iPhone

Just like the preceding app, the Ghost Detect Pro also makes use of your phone’s camera. However, it does not provide a feature where you can interact with the ghosts.

Instead, you get words that are detected by your microphone. Unfortunately, these might be random words that don’t make sense at the moment. However, users report that the app often provides words that are connected to their surroundings. Others say that seemingly irrelevant words detected would make sense in the near future.

One of the best features of this app is its ability to immediately snap a picture when it senses anomalies in the signals. This removes the hassle of manually capturing evidences. Ghosts can be elusive and camera shy, too.

However, you might not want to get too excited by the orbs and spirits you see from the app. Users report experimenting with it while covering the camera with their fingers. The app still snapped a picture and it still showed spirits, which makes it less convincing as a serious ghost-hunting app.


  • Programs phone camera to immediately snap a picture when anomalies are detected
  • Has all sensors on one page
  • Very accurate EMF meter


  • Not free
  • Requires iOS 8 or higher
  • Users say orbs are overlaid on the photos by default


Ghost Observer

ghost-observerAvailable for iPhone

Similar to Ghost Detector Radar Camera, this app allows users to interact with ghosts. This time, it allows you to actually talk to the ghosts while providing relevant information such as the type and age of the being you’re interacting with.

We recommend you stick to friendly spirits, though. When you see “errant ghost” or “vengeful spirit” on the screen, you might want to find another one to spend time with.

Users have reported to have used the app for fun and then ended up running for help because the ghosts were becoming threatening.

The Ghost Observer includes radar that can point you to the location of a ghost, which saves up time.

What’s unique about this app is that it detects animal spirits as well.


  • Contains radar that helps users find location of ghosts
  • Provides information about the ghost’s age and type
  • Can detect animal spirits
  • Includes voice effects


  • Radar sometimes detects ghosts but don’t find them


Ghost Hunting Tools

ghost-hunting-toolsAvailable for iPhone and Android

This app is a good place to start when you’re a beginner because of its simple interface. It basically just detects words and matches them with their word bank. Each word is then stored in a wordlist history, which the user can then consult later to try to make sense of the message.

For more refined controls, individual parameters such as microphone and EVP static modulation are presented as sliders. After its modifications, the data gathered are now stored in different files, allowing users to delete them individually.

Many users warn about downloading this app. It might seem like an innocent source of entertainment, but it can provide you with confidential information that only you and a few other close friends and relatives should know.


  • Uses triple-axis detection
  • Parameters are designed as sliders, allowing granular control
  • History can be individually removed


  • Outputs can be too scary for some users


Entity Sensor Pro

entity-sensor-proExclusive for Android

This app has both EMF and EVP readers, and both are very sensitive. It lets you know if there are any abnormal sounds in the area and lets you keep track of the recording.

The good thing about the Entity Sensor Pro is that it gives you the option to record automatically when you reach a certain level of reading. Not only that, you also can choose the length of time the app records automatically.

It also gives you the option to turn on or off the beeping sounds as the app is detecting paranormal activities around you.

However, take note that this beeping sound, when turned on, is also recorded, so you’ll hear this during playback. This might make discerning the sounds more difficult.

Entity Sensor Pro also has a camera feature, which you can use without leaving the app. What we like about this is that it does not use any image simulations. It basically just turns on your camera and you can capture with it whatever is actually in the room. So if you see any entities there, you can be sure it’s real.


  • Features a camera that does not use any image simulations
  • Very sensitive
  • GUI shows out-of-the-ordinary readings
  • Able to alert users of any hotspot
  • Developers continue to improve on the app


  • App has tendency to crash
  • A third of the screen is blacked out when the app is on
  • Has lots of paid upgrades


Ghost EVP Analyzer

ghost-evp-analyzerExclusive for Android

If you’re too scared to actually see ghosts through your screen but still don’t want to miss out on all the ghost-hunting fun, this app is for you. You can just listen in for paranormal sounds using this app’s excellent recording quality.

The Ghost EVP Analyzer has a user friendly GUI and three main tabs. The first tab is for recording. It just shows the usual buttons and a meter that tells you how loud the sound is. Thus, if you don’t speak and the place is relatively quiet, a peak in the meter would tell you something is up.

The second tab is the analysis, which basically allows you to play your recordings. What’s neat about this app is that it lets you control the speed of the playback as well as play the sounds backwards.

You know those sounds that usually don’t make sense when you listen to them but when played backwards, they actually form words and sentences? This app is great for that.

Lastly, it has a Tools tab, which contains the options to save the recording, open another file, etc. You can also find an explanation of EVP in this tab.

While this app is excellent when it comes to recording, all it really does is record and play the sounds back. It does not analyze the words it records, and it does not flash the recorded words on the screen, so you better have good ears for you to catch something using this.


  • Excellent recording quality
  • Able to add grain into the playback
  • Recordings can be immediately played with speed control
  • Recording can be played backwards


  • Not free
  • There are only a few basic analysis tools
  • There are no words displayed


Helpful Terms You Need to Know

If it’s your first time using ghost-hunting apps, you might not be familiar with most of the technical jargon they employ. Here are some of them to get you started.

EMF – Electromotive Force

  • This term might be familiar to you if you’ve taken up electronics courses before. EMF is an electric charge originating from an energy source. Despite its name, it is not really a force.
  • EMF meters are the main devices used by paranormal experts in their fieldwork. A spike in the EMF signal suggests the presence of a spiritual being. Take note of the signal changes when you use any of the apps we mentioned.

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon

  • Popularized in the 1970s, EVP are voices and sounds from another realm. They are interpreted by paranormal experts as the voices of the spirits present in the room where the recording was conducted. What you hear from the apps is allegedly EVPs. If you happen to hear the ghosts actually talking to you, say hi for us.

ITC – Instrumental Transcommunication

  • Closely related to EVPs, instrumental transcommunication is the recording of otherworldly voices in various devices. It is the process of capturing EVPs using technology. It also refers to communication with beings in the spirit world using devices.

ESP – Extrasensory Perception

  • How many senses does a human have? Paranormal experts might not agree with your teacher when the latter says five. This is because of extrasensory perception, which is the idea that a sixth sense exists, one that is found inside the mind. Basically, this is a fancier term for psychic abilities.
  • Most people don’t get to control their ESPs. That’s why we turn to devices to get access to the other world.


How Ghost Apps Work

While many ghost apps are rigged to provide more entertainment to users, most of them are made with algorithms that try to be as scientifically sound as possible.

Signal Spikes

As mentioned earlier, the main device paranormal experts use for finding spirits is the EMF meter. This is incorporated into the apps to track irregularities in surrounding electric fields. This is why the accuracy of these applications is often dependent on your device. If something is wrong with your phone, it might affect the functionality of the apps.

Have you noticed that in most horror films, the lights flicker and other devices start malfunctioning? Those are anomalies in the electric field, which the apps can detect before reaching the power-cutting level.

Voices from Another Realm

To deal with EVPs, ghost apps have built-in word database to compare to the sounds the device captures. These sounds are matched to words, which are then shown on screen, repeated through the speakers, or both.

This feature is what creeps out users the most because of the unusual words reported by the apps.

Seeing It in Action

Some apps include cameras to capture the surroundings. Afterwards, the users can use the images to support the findings of signal spikes in the meter.

Spirits are usually seen as human-like specters, but others appear like simple bursts of light.


A Word of Caution

You might be downloading ghost apps just to try them out or to scare a friend, but take note that there are a lot of users who have reported unpleasant experiences with them. A user shared that he had to move out of his house because the app he downloaded showed him too many ghosts, and he could not live in peace anymore.

Even if you think the apps are a joke, they can convince you otherwise just like so many users had been. Every day, you are in different places and you meet different people. The apps may generate or pick up random words that your brain would then associate with the things around you even though they are mere happenstance. This cognitive phenomenon has been studied by psychologists for years.

A Mix of Superstitions and Affirmation

Most of the apps created for ghost hunting are based on scientific phenomena such as magnetic and gravitational fields, specifically the disturbance thereof. However, depending on your superstitious beliefs, these apps may affect users in varying degrees.

Our superstitious beliefs can be caused by the media, the people around us, and a plethora of unexplained events that flood the internet these days.

In fact, superstitions affect us so much that some things are designed to be rid of things that cause negative energy or bad luck. For example, Lufthansa planes don’t have a 17th row because they believe that 17 is an unlucky number. A lot of buildings don’t have a 13th floor because owners fear that it would be bad luck to have one.

If you already believe that ghosts exist and that you can talk to them from another realm, then these apps act as affirmations of those beliefs. Just make sure to maintain the right mindset while using your phone to hunt for ghosts.

However, if weird things start happening around your house such as things randomly falling off tables, and windows and doors slamming shut, then that looks like the start of a really crappy horror movie starring you.

We recommend that you contact experts immediately. You can try the police, but as some users have reported, they’re not much help.

Lack of Sufficient Evidence

When you check out any ghost-hunting apps, a lot of them have a disclaimer, telling users that the app is just for entertainment purposes. This is not surprising because even if you’ve been face to face with an actual ghost before, there are no scientific proofs that support their existence.

EMF measurements, for example, maybe caused by other disturbances in the surroundings that are not necessarily paranormal. A blurry photo might seem like it forms a specter, but it can be caused by other factors such as lighting and camera settings.

But then again, there are still many incidences that have not been explained, not even by science. Paranormal activity may seem nonsensical to some today, but we still could not discount it.

Someday, maybe scientists and paranormal experts would be able to work together to explain the odd things that are captured by cameras and shown in your Facebook feed.



No app in this list guarantees successful communication with real otherworldly beings. It is good to keep in mind that they merely utilize statics and electric field interference to detect the possibility of ghost presence.

The best thing about these apps, in general, is the ability to utilize a handy device to replace almost all necessary equipment for ghost hunting.

We have highlighted the best features of each app so you can choose which interactions you prefer. Overall, the Ghost Hunter M2 is our choice for iPhone users since its algorithm is good enough for experts. While the Ghosts android app would be our pick for Android users.

Pick your app of choice and start hunting.

If you’re just looking for someone to talk to, however, we’d recommend a live friend. You don’t have to download anything for that.