There have been reports about people suddenly finding pennies after someone dies. You may think of this as a coincidence, but this actually has ties to the spiritual world.

Others may consider finding pennies as a sign of good luck or any other superstitious beliefs depending on your culture. There can be a lot of ways for a person to make sense of this situation.

Found Pennies? What Does It Mean?

When you encounter pennies and dimes in unexpected places, chances are someone is trying to communicate with you in the spirit world. Spirits can’t communicate with a living person face to face. You have to be a psychic medium to talk with a spirit personally.

Other cultures have given different meanings to finding pennies. The Chinese consider this good luck and that something good is about to happen to the one who found them.

Most of the time, the coins are used as good luck charms to ensure fortune will be with them all throughout their lifetime. All kinds of situations can be applicable from marriage, businesses, and even health.

If you feel there’s something odd with the coin you found, it could mean a sign of consolation and support from the spirits. People go through tough times and spirits, especially you’re loved ones, can notice that. What better way to do that than leaving pennies for you to find them.

Always stop and think for a second if there’s something off with your day before seeing those pennies and dimes. If you’re battling financial problems, this is somewhat a sign from spirits telling you they’ll be resolved sooner or later. You just have to keep pushing through one minute at a time.

All of us are going to need someone who can pick us up at certain times. If you’re lucky enough, you may just have a loved one who has recently passed away looking out for you. The phrase “Pennies from Heaven” can clearly be applicable in this kind of situation.

Why Do They Use Pennies?

Do you want to know why spirits use pennies?

Because it’s the easiest way to catch a person’s attention! Anyone who finds a penny is going to wonder how it got there, who dropped it, and how they dropped it.

It drives your appeal to collect it since it carries monetary value and may be of use for you in the long run. Hence, the reason spirits use pennies as an alternative to talking to the living.

If this were to happen, it makes us ask ourselves how we ended up finding and taking the penny.

The deceased always look out for their loved ones, even after death. We have to give them a huge amount of gratitude because of how much they want us to succeed in life. The effort of placing that penny for you to find is extraordinary and may give you the feeling of being loved, even in the afterlife.


The Significance of Pennies

A penny still has monetary value no matter how you put it.

This is to signify that you, as a person, still has value and that you’re worth more than anything else. Spirits will leave you these pennies for you as a message to ask you to begin respecting and valuing yourself more.

What’s so great about this spiritual message is it has a significant meaning which is the concept of Oneness. This has the meaning of the unity of God, Spirit, and the Body, and also with the unity of the human body and spirit in the same being.

Since it’s a sign of Oneness, it can be understood as a confirmation of your unity with your deceased loved one. They won’t be able to love another person as much as you, so you should always keep that in mind. This kind of mindset can help you with your day to day struggles.

The main message they want to send is love. The feeling of being loved is especially important for people who are currently having a hard time with life. This is also to remind you whenever you’re losing your love towards yourself.

Another message they want to convey is comfort. When you’re down and nobody is around, they make sure to tell you you’re never alone.

They are with you in spirit and leaving pennies for you to find is just another way to tell you just that. All of us need someone who can look out for us and your deceased loved ones are showing it.

How a Single Penny Can Radiate Positive Energy

No matter how you put it, there is a certainty to finding pennies. And that is positive energy.

Good fortune, the feeling of being loved and valued, all of these can be felt with a simple penny given to us by spirits. It is truly “Pennies from Heaven” and not all the time can we understand this because of our skepticism.

But with a little bit of time to think and compose ourselves, we can bring light into the dark and continue moving forward happily with our lives.

It’s not something that happens to people every day, so be sure to cherish it once you feel this happening to you. You may never get another chance after a long time.

The Next Time You Find a Penny

It’s always a good feeling to re-count the good memories you had with your deceased loved ones every once in a while.

If you can’t remember them, they may simply try to make you remember by dropping a penny in unusual places and circumstances for you to find or stumble on.

When they see you struggle, they will always try to comfort you in difficult times because they love you. After all, it’s not bad to look back and remember the lives of the people we once shared happiness and love with.

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