Clairvoyance is a gift. Unfortunately, it’s not given to everybody.

We watch paranormal experts on TV, thinking how cool it would be to be in one of those investigations and experience a good scare. But while it may be fun, ghost hunting is not something you should take lightly.

There are important things to consider and prepare for when engaging in paranormal investigations.

You might not have psychic abilities, but these tips can help.


Preparing For The Ghost Hunt


You’re probably reading this post because you’re in this step of the process. Congratulations! You’re doing great so far.

It’s important to do your research first before going into an adventure that might result in a paranormal encounter. Entities are beings that are not to be messed with, and attempting to contact them could lead to disaster if not done well.

Before going into your first ghost hunting adventure, it’s important that you know about the place you’re going into and what kind of ghosts you may be dealing with. Find out the history of the place and reports of hauntings in it. If the stories seem to lead to violence, don’t pick that for obvious reasons.

You should also know about all the equipment you may be using and how to use them safely and efficiently.

Find a Good Location

For beginners, a good location is somewhere near, safe, and easily accessible.

Aside from reports of paranormal encounters, it’s important to consider if the location is open for investigation. You would not want to be caught uninvited in a private property because the cops won’t care about your noble mission. Trespassing is trespassing.

If the place you want to investigate is a private property, secure the owner’s permission first. Be honest about your intentions and agree on the time and conditions of your visit.

Buildings, especially old ones, can be scary and dangerous not just because of paranormal presence but because of infrastructure frailty. The owner or caretaker could inform you about the things to look out for while you’re inside.

Your first place of choice need not be a cemetery although it’s also a good place to start.


Pick a Time for Investigation

The so-called psychic hours are from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., and you definitely would want to try investigating during these hours. However, don’t limit yourself to nighttime.

Ghosts are not bound by time. They are also present in the daytime, although we perceive them better at night because the world is quieter.

There’s a theory that ghosts follow their usual routine when they were still alive. So it’s not at all impossible for your investigation to bring positive results when done during the day.

In fact, it might be a better idea since you’re still beginning, and daytime is relatively safer.

Gather Your Friends

Pick out your most reliable buddies to go with you. Do not attempt to investigate alone!

We know there are a couple of brave souls out there who are daring enough to face entities by themselves, but trust us. You wouldn’t know for sure what you’re going to be dealing with, so it’s better to be safe.


It’s a good idea to choose friends that have psychic abilities. This way, you have someone in the group who can guide you through the investigation.

We advise that if possible, bring someone who already has an experience with the paranormal.

In the same vein, you would also want to take time to inform your family and friends about your adventure. They may laugh at you, but at least you’re doing everything to stay safe.

Inform people about your plans so they know where to look for you. Tell your family where you’re going and what time they should expect you to be back.

Prepare Your Equipment

You don’t have to buy expensive ghost-hunting equipment for your first investigation. There are ghost apps that you can easily download.


Ghost hunting does not need to be expensive especially if you don’t have any plans of doing it professionally. However, make sure that you have the following items:

  • Flashlight
  • Pen and Paper
  • Rope
  • Recording Device
  • EVP Recorder (downloadable)
  • EMF meter (downloadable)
  • Extra Batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Camera
  • Food and Water

We go through each of these items in detail here:

Take your equipment with you in a reliable bag that you can easily carry around. We recommend backpacks so your hands could be free to do other things. It would also be helpful to not have to grab anything when you’re required to leave quickly.

Dress Appropriately

Let’s be real. You’ll be hoping for an actual encounter but you might not be prepared for it. When fear takes over your system, the most common reaction is to run. For this reason, you wouldn’t want to be dressed in uncomfortable clothes.

You don’t have to be fashionable when you go ghost hunting. The most important things to consider are practicality and comfort.

It’s good to dress in layers because if there is indeed a paranormal presence in your location of choice, chances are you’re going to experience sudden temperature drops.

Some ghosts, depending on their power, can control the room’s temperature. So you better prepare your layers for this.

Don’t wear unnecessary accessories, especially ones that make noise. This could interfere with your investigation and recordings.


During The Ghost Hunt

Prepare Your Mind

Ghost hunting may just be a fun way to scare yourselves, but it is not to be taken lightly. There are entities powerful enough to control your mind and body.

To be less vulnerable to unwanted control, it is important to be mentally and spiritually strong. Start your investigation with a prayer if you’re religious. You can also meditate.

Whether real or imagined, paranormal investigations are bound to scare you at some point, so it’s important to have mental stability so you don’t get traumatized easily.

Use Your Equipment Well

Know the basics of your equipment. You should be able to tell which ones are used for what. It’s important to understand why you’re using these tools.

olympus ws-853EVP recorders, for example, pick up sounds that are normally not heard by ordinary humans. Some apps feature EVP meters that actually display the words the recorder picks up. This could be helpful since it’s quite hard to discern the words.

The main reason why you should be bringing your equipment is to gather evidence of whatever paranormal encounters you may have.

This is the goal of every paranormal expert. A lot of people are reluctant to concede to the presence of entities around us, so it’s important to contribute to the study by gathering actual proof.

Gather as much footage as you can. Record all activities efficiently. Take note of the questions you asked and how you felt while investigating.

Be Polite

There’s a very effective way of ensuring a paranormal encounter—be rude. Angering whatever ghost is present in your chosen location would increase your chances of provoking them enough to make them want to manifest their presence to you.

But we don’t recommend this.

Remember that your investigation might end, but entities have a way of following you around. It may be over for you, but not for them. And this is dangerous especially if what you angered is not particularly friendly.

So always be polite in asking questions. Talk to them as you would a respected elder. Before even beginning to ask your questions, tell them out loud that you’re not there to cause trouble. Introduce yourself as well as your companions.

Ask the Right Questions

Don’t limit yourself to questions answerable by yes or no. If you follow our tip, you’d have an EVP meter with you, and you can playback the recordings to listen for answers.

Ask for names, date of death, etc. If the ghost is particularly responsive, you can ask for questions that require longer answers.

Leave enough time between questions. The entity may be having a hard time communicating.

Be Confident

When things start to get out of hand, you should be able to stand your ground. Don’t be scared easily, no matter how difficult this may be.

Some ghosts love messing with you when they get the reaction they want. So be brave and firm.

Don’t Expect Too Much

Here’s a little reality check for you. Not all paranormal investigations turn up with positive results. It can be really boring. In fact, this is true most of the time.

So don’t expect any dramatic experiences during your investigation. You may end up spending 8 hours talking out loud to entities that don’t want to answer back. Your EMF meter and EVP recorder may not be picking up on anything interesting.

Realize that this is normal, especially if you don’t have psychic abilities. Don’t get discouraged though. You might discover something someday.


After The Ghost Hunt

Say Goodbye

This is part of being polite, but it also serves another purpose. Remember the rule when using an Ouija board? You should always say goodbye at the end. This ensures that you close the portal you’ve opened.

It also lets the entity know you’re done with the conversation and you wish to end it right then. Take note that they can follow you home, so it’s better to be clear about ending it.

Clean Up

Leave the place in the same condition as you first arrived. This is required of common courtesy. Pick up your trash and don’t leave anything in the site.

Aside from physical cleaning, you would also want to say a few prayers to cleanse yourself after the investigation. This helps in getting rid of the dark energy that may have attached to you.

Back Your Files Up

It’s already physically taxing to spend hours in the dark talking to entities that may not be there. Imagine the frustration when all the evidence you gathered is destroyed.

Make sure to back your files up immediately. You need these for the next step.


Review Your Footage

Listen to the EVP recordings and look over the footage you captured during the investigation. You may discover something interesting in there that could prove paranormal presence.

When you do discover something, tell your friends about this and discuss how you would go about your next adventure.

We in the paranormal community are always looking for more evidence in order to understand the entities better.

Your footage may be the key to finally reconciling seemingly fictional paranormal phenomena with reality. So pack up your bags and start investigating.