Are you interested in communicating with the dead through a simple game? Maybe you want to contact a dead loved one or relative. Or maybe you’re just bored and interested in summoning a ghost or spirit to talk to. Whatever the case, you are here because you and your friends are eager to learn how to use a Ouija board. Continue reading and we will teach you how in 7 simple steps.


What is a Ouija Board?

A Ouija board is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and the numbers 0 to 9, sometimes with “hello” and “goodbye” as an extra adage and a small triangular shape board is used as the communication tool, this is a movable indicator to spell out the Spirit’s message on the board during a setting, all in principle are said to open a portal to the next world.



The Things You Need

1. A Ouija Board and Planchette

You can easily purchase a Ouija Board on Amazon (I have listed some of the best choices below) or just simply print the letter board. The planchette, however, is somewhat harder to find, but you can make your own by using a glass and cutting it into a triangular shape.

2. One or Two Friends

You should never be alone when using a Ouija Board. You don’t want to put yourself in a difficult situation.

3. White Candles

It is advisable to use a pillar candle because it is not easily blown out.

4. Midnight

We also recommend using a Ouija board at midnight, since it is the spirit hour. However, if you are too scared to play the game during the wee hours of the night, you can play the game whenever you want as long as the room is dim, it should still attract spirits.

5. Incense (Optional)

It is said to attract good spirits and drive the evil ones away. This is optional. However, I advise using this as a precaution since may protect you from evil spirits.



Tips before using a Ouija Board

Create the Right Ambience

The elements you choose to use in creating the right atmosphere for your session depends on what personally makes you feel safe, at ease, and secure. Some elements you can use include:

  • Cast a protection candle spell to fortify your space as sacred and belonging to you.
  • Exchange bright light bulbs in lamps for low wattage so you have subtle but ample lighting.

Protection Chants

You need to ensure you and those participating in the session are protected from malevolent spirits. If you don’t have a spirit guide and are making a blind call, then framing your chant is extremely important. You can modify the chant if the purpose of the session is different from the last time you used it. You can repeat any of these chants three times.

  • “Benevolent Spirit may enter. Spirit may only communicate through the Ouija board.”
  • “We invite only spirits from the realm of light to join us. Welcome to only those spirits of light and goodness.”

Sing your Chant

If you feel more comfortable singing your chant, you can use one you’re familiar with or you can select a tune to create your own singing chant. You may prefer to make up the tune to fit your chant.

Close Out the Session

It’s important to break the energy with any spirit you contact by closing every Ouija session. Even if you don’t think you have contacted a spirit or entity, it’s important to close the session to dispel any energy you have built up. To do this, thank the spirit for communicating, let them know you are done, and then slide the planchette to “goodbye.”


How To Use a Ouija Board in 7 Steps

Step 1: Opening Ritual

The opening ritual could be anything — a prayer, a welcome, or even having trinkets scattered around you. Greet the spirits and affirm that only positive energy is welcome.

Step 2: Medium

Agree with your friends what language to use that is easy to understand and designate a person who will communicate with the spirit and ask all the questions to prevent the spirit from getting confused.

Step 3: Motion

Place your finger on the glass or planchette. It should be resting on the letter ‘G’. Then move the glass in a circular motion three times.

Ask everyone to put their index and middle finger on the planchette and slowly move your fingers in a circular motion. Rest your fingers on it firmly but without much force; if you hold it too stiffly, it won’t move as easily.


Step 4: Picture

You miss somebody you knew and might want to say hello to your long lost friend. Get a picture of your friend and place it on the board. Say the name of the spirit and repeat your chant.

Mary, Mary, Are you there? Hear us Mary and Respond to our call”

Step 5: Ask Questions

If the spirit starts to respond to your call, be polite with your questions and never ask for a physical sign! You might put yourselves in trouble.

Step 6: Watch it Move

Be patient and concentrate. Sometimes it moves slowly, waits for the spirit to take his/her time. Just stay attentive and focused. The planchette will slowly take off.

Step 7: Close the Board

If the planchette starts doing “figure eights,” or starting to move fast without a clear message it is a sign that the spirit wants to leave. It’s very important to tell the spirit goodbye. Remember to have the medium state that it is time to finish the game and sweep the planchette over to the ‘goodbye‘ symbol on the board.

Turn the planchette and/or board upside down and then put it away. Never leave a planchette sitting on a Ouija board and walk away because this leaves the energetic connection open.


Do’s and Don’ts to Remember

  1. Ouija boards are not a joke. Be familiar before you use it.
  2. Never provoke a spirit to communicate with you. This can have disastrous consequences.
  3. Never ask when you are going to die.
  4. Spirits who talk to you through your Ouija board can tell you anything they want. However, just because a spirit says something does not mean it is true. A spirit can try to win your trust by telling you they are a long lost relative or small child in need of help. But in reality, the spirit could be malevolent.
  5. Never use a Ouija board alone. The more people with you when using a Ouija board, the better. This also means that there is more energy present to connect with a spirit. If not everyone can comfortably sit and touch the planchette, it’s okay to have some people just be viewers.
  6.  Always end your session by saying “goodbye”.
  7.  Never burn a Ouija board. This can do more damage than simply leaving it untouched in a closet. If you are having problems with it, store the planchette and board separately.



We want to believe that there might be some sort of channel to communicate with our loved ones in the other world. Our desire to confirm the existence of the spirit realm and that death is not the end. That our loved ones have merely traveled to another realm.

The marvelous thing about a Ouija board isn’t the thrill or what a planchette does during the game. Rather, it is the belief that even once in a lifetime you are given the chance to talk to the people you love for one last time. If you aren’t ready to purchase an actual wooden Ouija board yet, you may want to try one of these Ouija board apps.