Imagine going to sleepover with your friends. Between eating snacks, watching movie, silly talks and there’s plenty of fun to go around. You decided to do spooky games so you took advantage of the slumber party festivities. You took advantage of darkness and played the activities while light is out.

You and your friends went to the bathroom, it was dark and stormy night, cold air enveloped the entire body as you stood, gazing at the mirror – lit the candle and chanted three times.

Minutes passed midnight, none appeared.

What’s does she look like? Is she beautiful? Does blood drip all over her face? Is it a vengeful spirit?

Is she real? or perhaps, a corollary of your imagination?


The Legend of Bloody Mary

Different theories has put the origins of the story in a more historical perspective. “Bloody Mary” didn’t came out from nowhere, legends say she is real, she may have been one of the following women:

Contender No.1: Queen of England

Mary Tudor, she was the first Queen of England to rule on her own, she earned her name ‘Blood Mary’ — by sentencing and burning three hundred (300) of Protestants at stake in attempting to make England more Catholic. Unfortunately, Mary brought so much death but unable to give life. She looked pregnant to everyone around her and even can feel the fetus move. When she was few weeks away from the expected labor she was bed ridden, but the baby never came. It turned out she was never really pregnant.

Those that believe she’s Bloody Mary, say she is searching for her lost children and ready to steal one if she must.

Contender No. 2 : Queen of Blood

Elizabeth Bathoray is also known as “Queen of Blood”. She is the most prolific female serial killer in history. She has been thought to be the inspiration behind the story of Dracula. She murdered young girls only to bathe in their blood. Quite bloody to begin with, but believe me she earned it!


Contender No. 3 : The Witch

Mary Worth a.k.a “The Witch”, many believe she’s a witch simply because she lived in the forest, in an extremely small cabin, and was known around the local village for selling herbal remedies. Villagers were afraid to get close to her believing they will get cursed. Soon, young girls started to go missing. The villagers believed they looked everywhere but they could not think of where could those young girls be. Families were suspicious, Mary Worth’s elderly and haggard appearance had drastically change and she was starting to appear feminine and youthful.


The Ritual 

In the ancient time, it encouraged young women to hold candle and a hand mirror in a darkened house. As they gazed the mirror, they were supposed to catch a view of their future partner. However, there’s also a strong possibility that they see a skull instead, indicating that they will die before they could get a chance to get married.


Although In the ritual of today, bloody mary allegedly appears in the mirror as you repeatedly chant her name holding a candle in darkened place while gazing at the mirror. Bloody mary allegedly appears in the mirror covered with blood, she might scratched your face, draw you into the mirror or even kill you — some say, she can be friendly at times but most of the time, evil. These are the following needed to begin the rituals with:


In ancient beliefs, candles are natural way to connect with the Divine. The flame with its fire element represents life’s energy. Lighting a candle is highly spiritual, symbolic act of opening an etheric gateway and acting as a portal to the celestial realms. Through this fiery essence, it breaks the veil between the physical world and higher dimensional realities, and forms a bridge between a one’s own spirit and greater spirit.

As a profound symbol of illumination, the candle can be used for holy reverie or a more specific spiritual intention.

12 Midnight

Also known as witching hour or devil’s hour is a time of night associated with supernatural events. Creatures such as witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful. Black Magic has also been known to be at most effective at this very hour.

Dark Room

Darkness has been a symbol of misery and fear. It is associated with death, destruction and captivity.


Paranormal Phenomenon Explained 

Here’s a fun exercise, though you might not want to do it alone. Stare into a mirror for several minutes and you may notice your face begin to distort. It could even morph into something downright scary.

Seeing monsters in mirrors has long been an effective horror movie device and grist for urban legends. It might sound like a bunch of superstitious hooey, but scientific research now says that seeing altered images in the mirror is a real thing, most likely due in part to a type of optical illusion called “peripheral fading” or the Troxler Effect.

Playing Tricks

In University of Urbino in Italy, fifty participants were asked to stare into a mirror for 10 minutes in a dimly lit space. Most of them saw far more than they bargained for. Some 66 percent witnessed huge deformations of their face, 18 percent saw an animal such as a pig or cat, 28 percent observed an unknown person and 48 percent beheld monstrous or fantastical beings.

If you were into ghoulish folklore games like Bloody Mary as a kid, these findings may help explain a few things. No one knows exactly how that slumber-party staple got started, but it involves staring into a mirror in a darkened room and saying Bloody Mary’s name repeatedly until she appears as a ghost or witch behind you. The idea is to give participants the fright of their lives.

Brain Illusions

Experience peripheral fading for yourself by staring at a red dot in the center of a big circle. You’ll notice the Circle around begins to disappear. Peripheral fading also may be at play in your body’s other neural systems. Think of putting on a watch. At first you’re aware of its weight on your wrist and the cool metal against your skin, but within minutes the sensation has faded. The watch is still there, but you no longer feel it. In the same way you may hear birds singing outside, but as soon as you begin reading your email, the sounds slip out of consciousness.

In the case of the strange-face illusion, as you stare at yourself in a mirror, peripheral areas of your face begin fusing or dissolving like objects in a Salvador Dali painting. Your mouth may stretch to one side, your forehead might meld into your cheeks and your eyebrows may droop to your chin.

Staring at the mirror for a prolonged period in a darkened place while holding a lit candle can cause hallucination. It gives unusual experience involving situations which is not present. Which could lead to seeing things. Facial features may appear distorted or most of the time and strange faces appear. Even, hearing faint noises and petrifying sound as silence in an isolated room is deafening.


Is Bloody Mary Real?

Different re-telling of the story offer different versions of the tale. Connecting real history and folklore is sometimes laborious and hard to unravel. But traditional beliefs and stories of the community which has been passed are usually rooted in a grain of truth. Whatever you believe, whether Bloody Mary is real or a mere illusion, one thing is certain and indubitable. She is never the kind of woman you want to keep your company with.