Have you ever wondered how people back in the days used to communicate with spirits? You may definitely have heard about the Ouija Board. 

Before using one yourself, here are Ouija Board rules you should follow. These will help you protect your physical, mental, and spiritual state when using one.

Ouija Board Rules

1. Research about the Ouija Board above all else

There are many stories with horrific experiences with a Ouija Board. You’ll never know what kind of situation you’ll be in, so best be prepared for anything. 

Most people in the presence of a Ouija Board say they always felt heavy. Others play it out like nothing, but there’s undoubtedly a heavy feeling inside. It could be a mechanism to play everything out cool to not look scared, but Oujia boards tampered with inappropriately are the real deal. 

2. Strictly do not taunt or provoke spirits to talk to you

You may have seen in horror movies characters taunting spirits to talk to them. This happens in real life and at a higher chance if there are spirits near you. 

Dire consequences may be felt once the spirit acknowledges your request to communicate with them. Expect that it won’t be smooth sailing if one of the members tries to pull this stunt. 

3. Never truly believe what the Ouija Board says

No one can always accurately tell if it’s a good or evil spirit they’re communicating with. Always remember using a Ouija Board is a beacon for any spirit to communicate with the living.

If the board displays that your dead relatives are with you right now, it’s possible this is false. Make sure you are emotionally prepared when talking to your alleged dead relatives. Or, in any case, whenever you want to. The dead take advantage of your vulnerability, especially during stages of emotional turmoil.

4. Gather more people when using the board

Trying to get them to talk to you won’t work if you’re the only one present. Having two or more people around when using it is an excellent way to attract spirits since they look for any source of living energy

Each person in the room doesn’t need to touch the board. They can simply watch next to the people using it. As long as there’s life present surrounding the Ouija Board, there’s a chance you can communicate with them.


5. Use the Ouija Board away from your own home

There are instances where malevolent spirits will try and invade your home. Instead of people, they will cling on to areas since they can invade different people who come and go. If that happens, you’ll need to double check if your house is haunted.

It’s best to use the board nowhere near anyone’s home because it will be easier for you to break the spirits’ energy. For starters, try playing it out on an open field.

6. Have other people take notes and act as scribes

It’s expected that everybody will direct their eyes only on the Ouija Board. Since all of the participants’ hands are touching the planchette, messages will be more accessible if somebody writes it down. 

This can also help anyone communicating to think clearer and come up with more questions. It’s a trick most people who aren’t prepared fail to do before using it.

7. Select a leader to ask all the questions

There needs to be a leader in all this. The reason is to prevent conflicting ideas. The leader will then relay those messages to the scribes when the entity is communicating. 

Nobody else should talk aside from the leader. Your only job is to touch the planchette and close your eyes. If you’re not the leader, do not decipher the words by all means as the planchette moves. 

8. Everyone should concentrate

It can’t be helped to say there is always “that someone” who breaks the silence. This might be because they get scared or simply do not care. 

Whatever the case, this may lead to everyone pulling away from the planchette. And when this happens, the link between you and the spirit world severs. Several spirits may already be around you once that happens. And you’ll be lucky no evil entity leaves the board and decides to lurk around. 

9. Maintain a light touch with the planchette

You may have heard rumors of people fooling each other around by using their own hands to move the planchette across the board. This can also happen if someone touches down too hard, which can cause the ideomotor effect.

But if everybody lightly touches the planchette, chances of it being moved by another person is highly unlikely. Brief all the participants to follow this rule first before touching the planchette. 

10. Do not use the Ouija Board when intoxicated

Usually, this is just a party trick made for entertaining people at a party. Even if it is, it’s strongly suggested you do not use it if people are drunk

Many factors make it dangerous when using it drunk. Such as difficulty in asking questions because of slurred speech. Another is easily breaking out of concentration. 

11. Always break the energy by closing out the session

After using the Ouija Board, always close out the session with a small ritual. This helps completely end the communication with the spirits and prevents them from interacting with the living world. 

First, you have to thank the spirits for communicating, tell them you’re done, and slide the planchette to “Good-bye.” You then turn the planchette upside down and put it away. 

12. Remove all negative thoughts and feelings

Negativity is a more potent form of energy evil spirits can use. Always assess yourself first if you’re not feeling any negativity within you. 

Do some activities to make you happy before you use the board. Try your best to keep a good sense of happiness during the duration of using the board. 

13. End the session quickly if the board behaves erratically

If the planchette begins to make a figure 8 on the board or suddenly starts counting down numbers, end it immediately. These are just one of the many signs an evil entity is among you. 

You never want to encounter an evil spirit, let alone try to communicate with you. Never forget to end the session with a proper closing ritual. 

14. End the session if the name “Zozo” is spelled

Zozo is believed to be an incubus that brings horrific psychological and physical experiences to people. These experiences range from depression, bad luck, and in some instances, rape. 

It can also mask its identity by using other forms of spirit to communicate. This is one good reason not to always believe whatever the Ouija Board spells out. 

15. Never burn a Ouija Board

Burning it has always been prohibited by Ouija Board experts. It’s a good idea to simply just store it somewhere where nobody can find or sell it. 

Once it’s burned, the person responsible is bound to an eternal life of suffering. Multiple incidents were stated where the Ouija Board reappears in the person’s home. 


You should always respect these rules when using the Ouija Board. You’ll be saving you and others a life full of hurt. For added instruction, check out our How-To guide on using the Ouija board.

If you happen to break some of the rules, it may be a good idea to seek a medium or a paranormal expert right away. Chances are you have allowed entry to good or evil spirits. 

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