Sometimes, after the funeral of a deceased relative, you feel as if they’re still here. You still catch glimpses of them in your peripherals. Or, maybe you catch their scent at home.

This can happen when you’ve had unforgettable memories of them. After all, losing those we love is never easy. We usually have a great desire for them to still be with us. What if, perhaps, they still are with us?

To understand this better, here are 12 signs that a deceased loved one is with you. Hopefully, these signs will help you cope with their loss.

Signs that a Deceased Loved One is with You

1. You smell their scent in the air or on objects

They always had that certain smell whenever you were with them. It’s not difficult to distinguish the perfume they always used or the detergent when washing their clothes. Even the way they smelled after a hard day’s work is noticeable.

This is the most common sign most people who had a loved one pass away feel at times. The next time you catch a whiff of their smell, it’s their way of saying hello.

2. You get dreams about them from time to time

Spirits sometimes have the power to manipulate a person’s thoughts. This is quite the same with a deceased loved one as they will try to get inside your dreams to make you remember them.

Occasionally, these are memories you’ve shared with them when they were still alive. You may also have dreams about them sending you a message telling you that they are well.

3. Their presence lingers around you

You may tend to feel as if their bodily, living presence is still around you. The energy surrounding you may change suddenly and your senses tell you that your deceased loved one is nearby.

There are reports that other people would experience them for too long and can be connected with hallucinations. Others have a hard time coping with their deaths to the point they would get psychological damage.

Whatever the case may be, grief is a painful emotion. So be sure to take care of yourself well in these times and confide in those close to you.


4. You feel their touch

Were they the type to always greet you with a hug? Did they have a habit of playing with your hair at random times? You’ll tend to feel a sensation of getting touched gently.

The deceased look for ways to give you the reassurance that they’re still with you. After a few days or months, those feelings will slowly fade away until you’ve learned to move on from their death or by the very least, cope with their absence.

5. You remember them when a certain song plays

There’s always that one song they love to hear all the time. It may have been annoying for you, but it was their favorite so it kind of got stuck with you.

Once that song starts playing, it may trigger memories of them simply listening or dancing to it. It’s best to let that song finish in honor of their memory.

6. You hear their voices

The voices that you hear can be distinct at times that you can tell it was their exact voice. Usually, you’ll feel your heart race because it’s hard to believe it was them.

Most of these messages would be sending you a message and not just calling out your name. Try to stay silent right away and see if you can get a response from them. Since spirits don’t have a voice box, creating external noise will be difficult, but not impossible.

7. There’s a strange electromagnetic activity near you

You may randomly notice the TV in your living room turn on. That would be strange, especially if there was nobody present there.

If you had a deceased relative who loved to play tricks and jokes, these just may have been them trying to do that on you and grab your attention for a while. Ghosts need energy and they are able to gain that with ease.

But, take this sign with caution. Not all spirits who play pranks directly mean it’s your deceased loved one.

8. You receive random phone calls from strangers

Sounds creepy, but…spirits have also been known to call from the other world. You may get a call from an unknown phone number and when answering it, there’s nothing but static.

You may experience this sign in the immediate days following the transition. This can happen on the 7th to 10th day “crossing over” window. Still, advise caution with this sign.

9. You get signs, messages, or coincidences related to them

For some reason, spirits won’t always be able to manifest themselves as a whole and talk to you in person. Most of the time, they will leave a trail of breadcrumbs to make you remember them in a certain way or a pattern they know you would be familiar with.

These can be anything from a piece of clothing you found or food they loved to eat back then. It’s not just objects that they can leave behind. At times as well, they can be in a form of music or when arriving at a certain place.

10. You notice a few objects are misplaced

You may have seen movies where ghosts move objects around a place. You may find things such as pillows falling off of the couch or your car keys getting misplaced.

These instances may occur to people who are grieving so much or whose attention span is hard to reach. Be on the lookout for these occurrences as it may be their way of communicating with you.


11. Certain animals or insects are attracted to you

Have you ever had a butterfly land on your lap all of a sudden? Or how about a bird sitting by the window taking a peek through the window? A spirit can always use animals or insects to contact the living.

A butterfly is well-known in the spiritual world and is regarded as a messenger or symbolic animal representing your loved one watching over you.

One way to tell if your deceased loved one is taking the form of a particular animal is if they keep coming back. At times, they are the ones to approach or they’re waiting for you to get close and touch them if you can.

12. You experience a peculiar taste when eating food

Did they ever have a specific style of cooking your food? They may put too much salt or produce a unique flavor that only they can do.

It may strike you as how weirdly similar the food you’re currently eating tastes exactly the same as how they would cook it. It may leave you with a very good memory of them before they cross over to the other side.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps these signs are just coincidences that we often fail to notice every day. Either way, it’s not so bad to remember the big or little things that they did when they were still in this world.

If several of these signs constantly show, it’s best to relay this to a spiritual mentor who can guide you. Spiritual mentors are deeply attuned to their sixth sense and can help you on your spiritual journey.

If you still haven’t been able to move on, don’t be afraid to seek professional help from a counselor. Sometimes, the death of a loved one can be too much to bear for a person and that’s okay.

Leave us a comment if you have any thoughts that you would like to share. Also, share the article with your friends or families who may need to read this. You may just be able to help them move on a lot better with this quick read.