When you hear the word “medium”, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? You may have seen in the movie, “The Conjuring”, scenes showing the different qualities that a medium has. Let us be the first to say: that stuff isn’t just in the movies.

Actual people have this talent. Others have made it into a business to help people seek reconciliation with the deceased.

If you’re reading this, you might be wondering if you have this gift for the spiritual plane. To help you out, we’ve listed different signs you are a medium so that you can assess yourself and see if you have been given this gift; how you share it with the world depends entirely on you.

The Signs You Are A Medium

1. You can determine sensations far from the average person

Pressure. Heaviness. Hot & Cold sensations.

Once you step into a room, you’ll notice something iffy about the atmosphere. You’re always going to be the first person to sense this.

There have been various reports about people sensing their own house is haunted.

2. You have encountered spirits and other unknown entities

Some people recall encountering ghosts during their childhood. They also said they were the only ones who could see them.

Studies have shown kids are more likely to see ghosts compared to adults.

3. You hear voices which nobody else can hear

At one point, you may find yourself asking others if they’ve heard the same sound that you’ve heard. At most, they’ll think you’re bluffing, but you know deep down what you heard was real.

Hearing voices are sometimes known as “auditory hallucination” by several health experts.

4. You find yourself leaving your body in your dreams

This is called “astral projection”, wherein you’ll be able to see your body separate from your “astral form.” This is the act of your spirit leaving your physical body.

Astral projecting is dangerous as what people who have done it dozens of times would remember it.

5. You wake up early in the morning often

You may notice yourself waking up at 3 AM for no apparent reason. It’s also associated with sleep apnea.

“The Devil’s Hour”, also known as the Witching Hour, is the term most mediums and paranormal experts use when the clock strikes at 3 in the morning.

6. Paranormal events interest you

Even when you were young, you always had a knack for reading ghost stories.

Children are curious about everything and they find ways to fuel their imagination.

7. You can feel energy in particular areas

This tends to happen when you feel an unknown force or energy rushing towards you for no reason.

Recent studies show these bursts of energy are in parallel with living things.

8. You feel as if someone’s watching you

You sit in a room all alone and you still sense as if somebody is watching you from a close distance.

This feeling may also be due to brain injuries according to neuroscientists.

9. You feel a certain presence in old, abandoned buildings or homes

You’re most likely to attract non-living entities when you enter dilapidated areas.

Spirits are always attracted to people who can see and interact with them.

10. You can communicate with spirits and ghosts

Restless spirits will try to communicate with you. This can happen when their deaths were sudden or they want another chance at life.

Communicating with the undead can take a bit of practice and some time to get used to, especially if you’re still new to it.

11. You can read auras

You may have looked at a person and know right away how they’re feeling without them talking. You might think this is intuition. Partly-yes, but this is also one’s ability that allows you to read beneath the surface.

Some people have an innate talent or strong intuition with people’s feelings although, seeing auras is an ability learned and honed over time. From what I’ve heard, seeing auras is beyond beautiful

12. You have unknown fears of the dark

Darkness is usually associated with evil or otherworldly. Ghosts and spirits usually stay in places where there’s no life or activity.

The undead’s affinity for darkness is unknown; however, previous records reveal spirits prefer to reveal themselves only when it’s dark.

13. You had imaginary friends when you were young

Children have a strong imagination. Most of the time, these imaginations can be so real for them it manifests into an entity that adults can sense.

You might not be aware, but chances are your imaginary friend could have been a real ghost.

14. You feel a strong connection with people who died

When a relative passed away, you were the first person to sense even without people telling you the news. You may have even dreamed of them.

You may have also predicted their time of death and how it exactly happened.

15. Electronics around you will flicker and malfunction

It’s most likely that your TV turned off and then you sense something is not right.

Spirits and ghosts feed off any form of energy and electricity can be one of them. These types of phenomenons correlate with electrical fields in the surrounding area.

16. You see things out of the corner of your eye; orbs, mists, shadow figures

You may pass them off as dirt covering your eye. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable for you since it a recurring issue.

Psychologists have referred to seeing apparitions as the “sensed presence”.

17. You recall seeing deceased relatives after the age of three years

No human being can remember faces clearly before reaching three years old.

A recent study shows that scientists would consider these people as “super-recognizers”.

18. You can smell certain fragrances which no other person can smell

You can smell perfume or smoke when entering a room, which no one seems to notice. Incense is also a common scent. In most cases, when a person dies, a medium can also detect the scent they left behind.

What’s even creepy is that nobody was present in that room before you entered.


19. You have encountered more paranormal experiences than any other person

Mediums are conduits for non-living things. This is one explanation of why you experience more paranormal events.

All mediums are “bridges” or serve as a connection from the non-living to the living world.

20. You look for factual information on why strange phenomenons are happening to you

No doctor or any kind of healer can help you. This is a skill that you can suppress, but not remove.

There are many ways for you to overcome these fears and accept becoming a medium.

Conclusion: If you said yes to at least 10 of these signs

You are likely a medium.

As long as you can understand, overcome, and accept what you are. There are many opportunities for you to use and assist people with it.

Don’t let this terrify you. We are all connected to the spiritual plane. But there are a few who carry a deeper connection. You are gifted. So don’t let fear get deep into your skin.

Being a medium makes you a guide for those who do not possess the same ability as you do. And as a guide, you understand people and your environment clearer than most.

Embrace your gifts. Channel your inner spirituality. And use them to add color in your life.

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