According to the Iroquois, the Stonish Giants were an ancient tribe of gigantic men. It is said that they would roll around in the mud to create a stone-like crackling skin over their bodies. This skin became so tough that when the Iroquois would fire arrows at them, they would simply bounce off.

The Stonish Giants eventually went to war with the original  Six Nations of the Northeastern Americas, but lost and were driven back into the wilderness. The history of the Stonish Giants was recorded and recounted by David Cusick in his book: Sketches of the Ancient history of the Six Nations.

Despite their disappearance, the legend still continues as sightings continue to be reported.

The Stonish Giant is even more popular today after being featured in Season 4 of Mountain Monsters.


The History Of The Stonish Giant

In Sketches of the Ancient History of the Six Nations, David Cusick tells us about the Stonish Giants. Cusick tells us that they were a violent tribe that liked to go to war with other nations. These Bigfoot-like beings were known to come from the woods and randomly attack various tribes. This eventually started a war (which they lost) and drove them out into the wilderness. But before the war, for a long time, they held other tribes at the palm of their hands. They were known to be so ravenous that they actually devoured other people and killed nearly everything in sight.

They were known to roll themselves in the sand and mud, to cover their bodies in a stone-like armor. This not only offered them protection from arrows but also worked like camouflage for them.

Before we learn more about the Stonish Giants, let us first talk about the Iroquois. The tribe that fought these giants.


The Iroquois

The Iroquois were a group of tribes in the Northeastern part of America. They were originally formed by 5 tribes: the Cayuga, Onondaga, Seneca, Mohawk, and Oneida. Later, in the 1700s, the Tuscarora tribe joined.

The Iroquois were the most powerful Native American tribal people in the Northeast Americas. The French first referred to them as the “Iroquois League.” Later they were called the “Iroquois Confederacy”, and then the English referred to them as the “Five Nations” and later as the “Six Nations” (hence the title of the book by David Cusick).

The War Between The Iroquois And The Stonish Giants


In the book “History of Clarion County, Pennsylvania” Author A.J. Davis talks about a tribe that joins forces with the Iroquois to fight people of gigantic stature, which might possibly be where their legend could have originated. He writes:

“The aboriginal tribe who dwelt on the shores of the Allegheny were the Allegwi, a people of gigantic stature who inhabited fortified towns. The LenniLenape, or Delawares, in navigating from the West sought a residence with them, but this was refused; the Allegwi only granting them leave to cross the river and proceed eastward. While they were doing this the Allegwi, alarmed at their numbers and strength, fell on those who had reached the eastern bank and destroyed many of them. Eager for revenge the Lenni Lenape entered into an alliance with the Mengwe, or Iroquois, a nation lying south of Lakes Erie and Ontario, and engaged in a war with the Allegwi, which, after a desperate struggle of many years, ended in the defeat of the latter, who retired down the Ohio and Mississippi, never to return.”


Historical Theories

There are many different theories about how the Stonish Giant first came to be. One crazy theory claims that the first Stonish Giant was once like any other man, but became a cannibal and grew in size from eating other men. His skin eventually hardened and turned into scales so that no arrow could pierce it. And every day, he came through the valley and devoured one of the locals.

Eventually, the local tribesmen came up with a plan. They dug a pit in the road that the Stonish Giant would pass through and hid it well. The giant fell in and died. Of course, when tribesmen went to look, they didn’t find a body, they only found a statue in the pit.

Until now, people are still unsure whether the Stonish Giant was actually real or not. Different reports from tribes suggest that they were. Stories of cannibalism, living in the wild, and such were common back then. However, simple lore is definitely not enough evidence. Stories of these giants are undeniably interesting folklore, which many tribes like to tell.

However, the question remains – if they are actually real, do they still exist? If you were to ask the AIMS team of Mountain Monsters, they would believe so.


As Seen On Mountain Monsters

In the TV show Mountain Monsters, the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) investigate reports of unidentified monsters in the Appalachian Mountains.

First Sighting Of The Ancient Creature

In the first episode of the 4th season, the team sets out to investigate recent reports of sightings of the ancient Stonish Giants. They interview a man in upstate New York who claims that while hunting, he suddenly felt the ground shaking beneath him. He then felt hot breath on the back of his neck as a giant creature supposedly stood right behind him. The witness claims to have found tracks of the giant and said that one foot looked like it was being dragged as if the creature had been injured. He, and the team, eventually came to the conclusion that it may have been an injured Stonish Giant.


Trapping The Stonish Giant

They refer to the creature as a “BigFoot” and plan to hunt it down in the exact area it was reported to be seen. On the first night, they find a footprint that might be from the giant, and a few broken branches, but nothing significant. The next morning, recalling how the Iroquois used to trap their prey in snares, the team decides they are going to build a giant trap to capture BigFoot.

The AIMS team then hear about a neighbor of the first witness, who while hunting, saw the Stonish Giant and shot him. They head out to investigate in the area the giant was supposedly shot, and find a small pool of blood they believe belonged to the creature. The team prepares the snare trap they built in this area. Based on the several reports they’ve received, they estimate the creature to be at least 10 feet tall, and over a thousand pounds. They then prepare for a final night hunt to find him and prove his existence.

The Creature Is Killed

On the final hunt, they believe they spot the creature running out from behind a bunch of rocks. After further investigation, they find a lot of blood on the rocks he seemed to be leaning against. They also find what they think was the bullet BigFoot was shot with.

While continuing their search for the Stonish Giant, the team hears a loud gunshot. Realizing it wasn’t from one of them, they frantically set out to find out where the shots are coming from. They find bright lights coming from vehicles, and four men dragging a huge creature wrapped up in a tarp they believe to be the Stonish Giant. The group of men, who the team believes has been following them for months, escape with what they think is the Stonish Giant in the back of their truck. They also find a pool of blood and bullet shells.

Frustrated that they lost out on their chance to capture a real BigFoot to a rogue team that had been following them for months, the team decides to recount their evidence. They have two eye-witnesses, found footprints, blood, and saw the creature themselves being dragged away. So for the AIMS team, this is enough evidence to convince them that the Stonish Giant still exists today.



The Stonish Giant began as the folklore of the Iroquois and other tribes in 1600-1700s. The story of an ancient tribe of the wilderness that was almost twice the height and weight of a regular man, and had stone skin impervious to arrows.

Today, this same creature could be what people widely consider as Big Foot. What do you think? Do you think the AIMS team actually found evidence of the existence of Big Foot? Or do you think that it was all fake and scripted?