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Tarot card reading can be a powerful way to gain insights into your life and relationships. A good tarot card reader can help you interpret the messages of the cards and offer guidance and advice. 

There are numerous tarot card reading websites available online, which can make it difficult to know which one is the best for you. 

To assist you make a decision, we have put up a list of the best tarot card reading websites for you.


Purple Garden 

The Purple Garden tarot card reading website is one of the most accurate online tarot reading sites. It offers readings for individuals seeking a more thorough answer or a spiritual link with their loved ones. 

Users can quickly access it because it is readily available on iOS and Android devices. It offers readings through chats, videos, and voice calls. The rates start at $0.99 per minute and go as high as $14.99. Calls cost $6.99, and video calls cost $9.99, while a chat costs $3.99.

The site offers a wide range of readings, including tarot, astrology, and dream interpretation, and is easy to register on and use. 

The fees are higher than average, but this is because the company only wants to work with the most dependable, trustworthy, and precise psychics. The psychics are free to set their own charges, so fees vary. 

While the site is easy to use, it should be noted that not all psychic readers will be available at all times, and there have been reports of technical difficulties and glitches with the app. 

If you are looking for a tarot card reading website that is accurate, easy to use and offers readings in multiple formats, then the Purple Garden tarot card reading website is the right choice for you.


Keen is another popular online tarot card reading website that offers a wide range of services. You have access to a range of spiritual advisors, and the website is similar to a social media site or dating app. This makes it easy to find the right psychic for you. 

The consultants have various backgrounds, and each offers a distinctive style of advice. The services can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and the primary language of exchange is English. 

Chats and typewritten interactions are more common on Keen than spoken readings, but the website does offer call options for those who prefer this method. 

Keen is committed to enhancing everyone’s access to psychic readers, and they present a range of alternatives, including several kinds of readings. 

You can try out the services with a free trial for the first three minutes. To avail of the services, you first need to sign up as a Keen user. This allows you to keep track of your communication. 

There are 1700+ selections to find your ideal psychic, and the website also offers filtering options. You can filter by pricing ranges, client ratings, and various additional criteria. 

Keen will assist you to match with the most appropriate psychic depending on your current state of mind and the kind of guidance you’re looking for. 

You can schedule calls or chats with psychic consultants to receive your reading. The psychics provide their services around-the-clock.

Readings typically cost between $1.99 and $9.99 each minute after the first three free minutes from Keen. 

However, using this website has certain drawbacks. Keen does not offer video readings, and popular psychics command higher fees. So, if you are searching for a more affordable option, this may not be the best website for you. 

Overall, Keen is a good option if you are looking for a wide range of services and consultants to choose from.


Kasamba is yet another tarot reading website similar to Purple Garden and Keen. They offer a variety of reading services and facilitate communication with the world’s top mediums. You can demand a reading via live chat, email, and phone services. They aim to prioritize the comfort of their clients. 

They have been in operation for over 20 years and have assisted more than 3 million people in discovering their calling. Their services are not just limited to psychic readings, but they also work to enhance the users’ physical and mental health. 

The focus of a Kasamba reading is to provide the user with insightful predictions about the future. Their services include tarot readings, astrology, fortune telling, dream analysis, career projections, horoscopes, and much more. 

The price range offered is modest, ranging from 0.50 USD to 1.99 USD per minute; however, the cost may change depending on the psychic. 

The best feature of Kasamba is that each psychic’s profile includes a fee per minute as well as ratings and evaluations. By visiting their profile and thoroughly evaluating their work, you can choose the psychic you desire. 

The registration process is really simple. After you have decided which psychic you wish to speak to, select the “click to chat” option and follow the registration instructions to create an account and a payment method. You will then be able to continue on to the psychic conversation. 

Kasamba also offers a refund policy if you’re not happy with their services. They firmly believe in and strive for complete customer satisfaction. 

Some of the advantages of using Kasamba are that they offer a wide range of services, have an excellent refund policy, and provide detailed profiles of their psychics. One drawback is that they don’t have live video chat, though. 

If you’re looking for a convenient, reliable, and affordable tarot card reading website, Kasamba is a great option.

Conclusion – Best Tarot Card Reading Websites

There are many websites that offer tarot card readings, but the three best ones are Purple Garden, Keen, and Kasamba. Each of them has special qualities and advantages of its own.

Purple Garden is the best option if you’re looking for a live video chat reading, while Kasamba is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable tarot card reading website. You can also check our article on the best angel tarot cards.

When choosing the best tarot card reading website, it’s important to consider what you’re looking for in a reading and what your budget is. You can choose the ideal website for you from the vast selection that is offered.