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Why does waking up randomly at the late hours of the night always feel so creepy? Like someone or something was watching you sleep and then was actually trying to wake you up. This feeling is quite common. Anyone who has had the same phenomenon happen to them has also felt this weird and indescribable feeling. It also almost always seems to happen at the oddest hours of the night, like around 3 am — the witching hour.


The Witching Hour — Explained

If history can tell us anything, the witching hour (also known as the devil’s hour) is the time of night when strange and unusual things happen. In the olden times, people believed that witches’ powers grew strong in the middle of the night and that this was when witches would perform their rituals and spells. Hence the term, witching hour.

witching hour rituals

In these moments, it is believed that the veil between our world and the spiritual world is weakened. Making it possible for spirits to pass through from their world to ours. People have attached meaning to this phenomenon. That’s why people are so scared to find themselves waking up in the middle of the night.

It can be quite creepy to wake up so randomly, feeling like someone or something that’s not there woke you up. It’s dark, everything is quiet, and nobody is awake but you.

So if you find yourself waking up at 3 am every night, for no apparent reason. It could be that a spirit or the spirit of someone who has already passed, is trying to communicate with you, trying to tell you something.

Many have felt strange energies and have experienced certain phenomena during the devil’s. For example, it feels like someone or something is in the room with them, they can feel eyes on them even though they’re completely alone or reports of sleep paralysis occur during this time.

Waking Up At 3 am Every Night For No Reason

To scientifically try to explain, there are a number of reasons why you suddenly feel anxious or feel chills running down your spine.

REM Sleep

We enter the different levels of sleep at different points of the night. At around 3 am is when our bodies enter REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) or basically, deep sleep. When we enter the REM sleep cycle our body’s heart rate, cardiac pressure, arterial pressure and breathing patterns become irregular because our bodies are at rest and repair.

Waking up suddenly while in the middle of REM sleep will definitely cause an odd bodily pattern. Which explains why you feel weird, anxious and slightly creeped out for no reason. The eerie chill you feel is another effect of the REM sleep cycle; As our bodies relax, we become more sensitive to temperatures and temperature changes.

waking up from deep sleep

Solution: Meditation

If you want to go back to sleep, the best way to fall back asleep would be to meditate. Close your eyes and try to reassess. You may drink a glass of water, go to the bathroom or something and then go back to bed and try to fall asleep again. Mind clearing and deep breathing will aid you to drift successfully back to sleep.

Although there have been people who have experienced unexplainable things after being woken up during the witching hour; Like feeling paralyzed, trying to scream but couldn’t, seeing things or shadows move around them and being unable to move with a feeling of something pushing down on their chest. During really bad cases, people die in their sleep because their bodies tense up, they get scared and nervous and they can’t breathe. The best way to be safe is to stay calm. Spirits do not want to hurt you, they just want to talk. They only want to be felt and heard, they don’t mean any harm.

Communicating With The Spiritual World

In the few moments that the veil between the spiritual world and our world weakens, energies from the other side can start to creep into our world. The communication between them and us is better heard and received. Spirits are stronger and are felt more.

For some people, waking up during the witches hour for no reason at all and having an eerie feeling about it can be quite scary. But now that you know why you get that anxious feeling and why you suddenly feel cold, you don’t need to be scared. A spirit might be trying to reach you, needing to share with you an important sign, wanting to pass a message on to you, or might be needing your help. If you are open, do not ignore it but rather look into the reason why it might be happening.

If you are serious about wanting to know why this happens or why this happens to you, if it has, you can take advantage of this time to try and communicate with a spirit which the witching hour would be perfect for because the veil between the two worlds is weakened.

Spirit Journal

In order to keep track of your discoveries, you can write them down while they are still fresh in your mind. Write down what you saw or felt. Write down what dreams you had right before waking up if you had any. Or symbols, numbers or images that keep popping up in your head.

spirit journal

When you find your sleep disrupted in these moments, try to seek why. Even if you’re feeling weird and disoriented, try to relax. Lie on your back and take in deep breaths. Clear your mind, think positive thoughts and surround yourself with good energy. Having a calm mind also makes it easier for the spirit to make contact with you in order to send you the message they are trying to get across. Any fear or overthinking causes disruptions for the spirit and remaining calm allows you to listen better.

Precautions Before Communicating With Spirits

Always keep good energy around and think positive thoughts. This protects you from any evil or demonic spirits who may want to take advantage of your willingness to communicate.

During the day, you may want to be a little bit more observant. Stay in your meditative state even when you’re awake. Keep a clear mind and have clean intentions. Pay attention to patterns or symbols that you don’t normally notice. Spirits may have been trying to communicate with you all along. There may be certain words, terms or names that you’ve been hearing often, which you would normally think is just a random coincidence. You may also spot the same numbers over and over.

Final Thoughts

In the past, the witching hour was directly related to witches and their dark spells and practices. It was said to be when they were the most powerful. People have attached different bad meanings to what the witching hour really is and have scared many by associating it to a time when demons would pass through the veil and possess innocent people.

Now, people are more knowledgeable about the paranormal and are now much more open to the idea of communication with spirits. More precautionary measures are introduced and taken so that spiritual connection and communication with the dead can be enlightening and safe. If you protect yourself and ensure that your intentions are good, there is no need to worry.

It is all in your mindset. Don’t be scared or nervous. Know that the eerie feeling is just your body reacting to waking up so suddenly. If you wish to take advantage of the witching hour to talk to spirits you must surround yourself with positive thoughts and good energy in order to have a safe experience when contacting spirits.