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I have two aunts—aunt Ari and aunt Kaye. Let’s start with aunt Ari. She used to live in this condominium unit with her son Ryan. I would sometimes sleep there whenever I needed to be around the area for work or whenever she invited the family over on weekends.

Ryan was a jolly and happy boy. And even though he was an only child, he really loved people. He was very entertaining too; Because he kind of spoke like an adult. Being the only kid around a bunch of adults, no one really “baby talked” around him, everyone just spoke to him normally. He also had a nanny who also spoke to him properly as if he wasn’t a child. But of course he was still a child and he still loved to do kid things like play and be silly—which was fun! Everything would be fine whenever I would visit but weird things started to happen when Ryan turned 3 years old.

They thought something was wrong with him because out of nowhere Ryan started talking gibberish. It was so odd for my aunt because Ryan already knew how to talk then all of a sudden he wouldn’t speak properly. But they just thought, “No big deal. Just bring him to a speech therapist and that will fix the problem.”.

In the few sessions he had attended, he would end up speaking properly and they would think “Problem solved.”. But then they’d come home and he would stop speaking properly then just start with the gibberish all over again.

And then Ryan started to act unnaturally.

He loved sitting in front of their huge mirror located in their living room and he would talk as if he was talking to somebody. He would randomly burst out laughing even though he was alone.

One time, my aunt woke up because she heard a door open and close. She checked the time and it was 3 in the morning, and when she reached her arm out to check on Ryan, he wasn’t in their bed. My aunt got up and when she got to the living room Ryan was there, standing in front of the mirror, staring and touching his reflection.

My aunt decided to call and have our family’s main nanny be Ryan’s caretaker. She’s been with our family for years, almost all the parents and their kids have gone through her care. Aunt Ari believed that our family nanny would be able to keep an even closer eye on Ryan and be more attentive and hands-on.

But then Ryan started showing changes in his attitude. He wasn’t like himself. He would get angry, become violent and would not like to go or play with anyone. He would always just sit in front of that mirror.



So I have a cousin named Pia, my aunt Kaye’s eldest daughter, who’s very quiet. For vacation, we stayed at aunt Ari’s unit. She had always been quiet but this time it was different because she acted strangely. She would either lock herself in the room or sit with us but just look to the direction of the balcony, looking at nothing. She wouldn’t answer our questions and would just stay up at night and stand near the balcony. This was also around the same time Ryan would start crying helplessly every day.

My aunts were already really worried that they had to call in the help of a spirit guide.

We were there when the spirit guide came over. She went around the unit and upon seeing the mirror in the living room, she said: “Something came out from there.”. We were all in shock. Then Ryan started screaming in gibberish. He was a small 3-year-old boy but it took 5 men to carry him out of the unit. They struggled to get him out because they said he was very heavy.

The spirit guide then proceeded to ask my aunt if she had a niece who was quiet living there now and aunt Ari said “Yes. She’s in the room right now.”

We almost lost it when the spirit guide said “Take her away from here now. Bring your son with you. They plan to take two lives. To make them fall.”

And we all recalled how our cousin would always stand by the balcony so we rushed to the room only to find her in the bathroom. And it still gives me chills. She was standing in front of a big bathroom mirror, grinning. She said “I’m going to fall from the balcony.”, then she laughed.

We all tried our best to pull her out of the unit while she was struggling and saying “I’m going to jump. I’m going to jump. I’m going to jump.” under her breath.

She immediately lost consciousness the moment we got her out of that unit. The spirit guide instructed my aunt to leave immediately, without bringing anything from that unit. And so we did exactly that and stayed at a hotel that night.



4 years later, aunt Kaye started to experience weird things in their house. To give a quick background aunt Kaye bought aunt Ari’s bathroom door (from “that” unit) just to use as a door for the bathroom at the back part of their house.

Aunt Kaye has 2 children: Pia, my quiet cousin, and Carter. Carter has a learning disability but was never violent. So it was so weird when all of a sudden Carter started shouting non-stop. As if he was in pain. Like he was scared.

Since he had a learning disability, my aunt immediately took him to a psychiatrist and they prescribed calming medicines for him. None of them worked. He would still scream non-stop and he started to become violent. Which is very unlike him.

Carter had his own nanny who is with him every second. She talked to him and said to him “Tell them to leave you alone already.”. She then continued to explain to everybody that Carter has been seeing spirits and that they would scare him. After a few days, out of nowhere, that nanny could not get out of bed. Her legs were so heavy that she couldn’t walk or move them.

One day, Carter went missing. After searching their entire house, their neighbor informed them that Carter was sitting outside. When they got to him, he was seated facing the bathroom door and was scratching his back. They lifted up his shirt to find deep scratch wounds on his back that were not there the day before.

They thought to call a priest over to have the house blessed. The priest started blessing every room and when he got to the back part of the house, Carter started screaming. He ran to their gate and started banging on it almost wanting to break it down. My aunt’s initial reaction was to of course stop him but then he said: “Touch me again and I will kill you.”— a young boy with a learning disability said this, to his own mother.

That was when Pia, my quiet cousin screamed and ran to my aunt saying “They’re here. The same entities, ma. They’re here.”

3 dark spirits. The same spirits from the unit. The same entities forcing her to jump.

The priest instructed them to move out immediately and bring nothing with them.

Recent rumors going around that area is that if anyone offers you appliances, household items or even a house to stay at for rent, do not take it. 3 dark entities live there now.