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If you are new to the world of ghost hunting, you may find yourself asking “what is an EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting?” EMF meters, or detectors, are a very common ghost hunting piece of equipment that has been widely accepted as a means to detect the presence of ghostly energy. It does this by measuring the electromagnetic field (EMF) in a location.


How Does an EMF Meter Detect Ghost?

EMF meters are handheld devices that measure the electric and magnetic energy field present where you are using them. You may have also heard of them referred to as EMF detectors.

It is believed that when a ghost or apparition is about to manifest itself, the spirit requires an immense amount of energy to do so and draws from available sources of energy.

This buildup of energy can then be documented by a spike in the surrounding electromagnetic field through the use of an EMF meter.

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Does the EMF Meter Give False Readings?

EMF meters don’t necessarily give false readings of a ghostly presence. How reliant they are will have a lot to do with who is using them and how knowledgeable they are as to potential EMF emitters outside of the ghostly realm.

There are many factors to take into consideration when using an EMF meter for ghost hunting. One of which is the surrounding technology where ghost hunting is taking place.

Technology Emits EMFs

Since the advent of technology and the increased use of electricity, electromagnetic fields can be located in any given home. One of the more common emitters of electromagnetic fields is your electrical breaker. Some other common emitters of EMFs are the following:

  • Computers
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Cellphones
  • Power lines
  • Microwaves
  • Bluetooth devices

High Levels of EMF

Even if you have a high reading of energy with an EMF meter, you shouldn’t immediately assume that the pairing of both high EMF levels and someone feeling or claiming a presence is enough to prove there is a ghost.

Why Not?

High levels of electromagnetic fields have been known to cause a feeling of uneasiness in people exposed to it for long periods.

In extreme cases, it can even cause an individual to experience hallucinations. This makes it even more important for you to detect potential sources of EMFs before making a false claim of a ghostly presence.

Pros of using an EMF Meter

Modern-day ghost hunting may be a little more challenging when it comes to investigating homes of the 21st century. With all the technology present in a household, it can be hard to prove the detection of a ghost with an EMF meter.

But let us also not forget that ghostly apparitions have been reported way before the advent of electric grids and most of today’s technology.

With that said, there are a few pros to using an EMF meter when it comes to ghost hunting. For one, your phone can act as an EMF detector, cutting down the cost of EMF detectors dramatically.

Another pro is that if you are ghost hunting a facility no longer on the electric grid, like an abandoned hospital, or a graveyard with no electrical emitters, then the detection of unexplained high levels of EMF with no potential alternate source can be a sign of a ghostly presence.

Sometimes, you can even track the movement of high levels of EMF with an EMF meter as the energy seems to move from the location you first pick up on it.

Cons of using an EMF Meter

As mentioned, we are surrounded by devices that give off electromagnetic fields. That is what makes using an EMF meter a challenging tool to utilize for ghost hunting in today’s day and age.

In this instance, the power of deduction must be paired with the use of an EMF meter to prevent inaccurate claims of a haunting.

Another downfall with using an EMF meter is that even in open areas with little to no technological EMF emitters, such as the graveyard example above, there is the potential of a more natural phenomenon causing a spike in EMF readings.

This includes geophysical sources such as:

  • Recent lightening/ thunderstorms
  • Seismic pressure along fault zones

This would require a little extra work on your part to find out more about the area in which you are hunting a ghost, as well as waiting for a clear day to perform the hunt.

EMF Meters Are Only as Good as the User

As you can see, the use of an EMF meter in ghost hunting relies a lot on the knowledge of the user. Picking up just any high reading does not necessarily mean there is a ghost among you.

Ruling out potential causes of high EMF readings can make you a better ghost hunter when you know what to look out for in your determination of whether somewhere is or isn’t haunted.

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