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The best camera for ghost hunting will ensure you have the highest chance of recording hard evidence of the paranormal.

Packed with technologically-advanced features, recording in little to no light conditions will be significantly easier with the right model.

Whether you’re gathering video evidence for personal records or to share with the internet, these cameras come highly recommended.


Best Camera for Ghost Hunting: Brief Reviews

1. LINNSE Video Camera Camcorder

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The LINNSE Video Camera Camcorder has plenty of convenient features to offer.

It works as an impressive night vision camera but is small enough to double as a daytime vlogging camera.

With full HD 1080p resolution and remote control, it’s ideal for your ghost hunting adventures.

Product Highlights

What makes this camcorder unique is that it allows you to capture both video and photo evidence.

The camera will record your videos in 1080p while the photos are 24 megapixels.

Combined with the three-inch IPS screen, you’ll easily be able to review your media directly on the device.

If you’re trying to capture content at a distance, you’ll have a comfortable 16x digital zoom to capture finer details.

Also, there’s a compatible remote control included with the camera so you can operate the device wirelessly.

The lightweight design of the ABS material is ideal for travel, and you’ll find it’s straightforward to pack for overseas destinations.

The camera’s most impressive component is its IR night vision, allowing you to shoot effortlessly in low light.

Also, you’ll find objects will have a better definition in complete darkness.

If you need to capture hard-to-hear sounds, you’ll love how it’s compatible with external microphones.

The built-in 3.5mm jack allows you to capture clearer audio recordings with an external microphone of your choice.

When you consider storing your videos and photos, you’ll have the ability to extend your storage with an SD card.

This device is compatible with SD cards up to 128GB, and you can seamlessly transfer data from the camera to your PC.

Alternatively, you can connect the camera using a USB cable to transfer your videos, photos, and live stream.

You’ll fall in love with its exceptional user-friendly features, including time lapses, self-shooting, and continuous shooting.

Above all else, the motion detection component allows you to set the camera up in a room and automatically record movement.

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What to Like About It

The LINNSE Video Camera Camcorder uses two batteries, which should give you an adequate amount of recording power.

It also allows you to pause your recordings rather than erase previous data if you need to stop shooting.

At night, you’ll appreciate the HD quality of the night vision videos.

What Not to Like About It

If you want highly detailed up-close shots, this camera isn’t ideal for macro photos.

Also, playing back video on the camera is flawed since you cannot adjust the volume, which overloads the speakers.


  • Uses two batteries
  • Allows for pausing
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality night vision videos


  • Doesn’t allow macro shots
  • Poor built-in video playback


2. Kicteck Video Camera Camcorder

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If you’re interested in professional gear for ghost hunting, the Kicteck Video Camera Camcorder is ideal.

Its design is bulkier than the previous model but offers plenty of additional features to use.

Also, it comes with a built-in stabilizer, which is ideal for capturing motion at a distance.

Product Highlights

The first impressive feature of this camera is the number of capture resolutions it offers.

You’ll be able to ghost hunt in 4K at either 60 or 30 FPS, as well as 2.7K at 30 FPS.

If you want HD-quality videos with smaller file sizes, you can also record 1080p at 120, 60, or 30 FPS.

With its built-in WiFi connectivity, you can quickly connect the camera to your smartphone or computer.

This feature allows you to effortlessly download and transfer files from the camera to your device.

It’s also convenient for adding files to your editing software without requiring a cable connection.

Instead of investing in an external microphone, this camera comes with one that you can use.

Also, there’s a remote control that allows you to adjust the device’s settings and functions wirelessly.

Fortunately, the microphone is better than expected, which is ideal for capturing general footage and interviews.

There’s a low-cut filter as well as X-Y stereo pickup in the microphone for crisper audio.

One of our favorite features is the three-inch touchscreen that you can rotate up to 270 degrees.

You’ll easily be able to review your videos from any angle directly through the device.

Similar to the previous camera, you’ll also be able to capture 48MP photos along with videos.

You’ll find using this camera during the day or night is equally simple.

It comes with impressive IR night vision as well as IR-CUT light filtering for dark conditions.

You’ll find there are several recording functions that you can use to your advantage with this device.

You’ll be able to slowly record, time record, loop record, and adjust photo intervals.

There are plenty of exposure settings, sharpness adjustments, and sensitivity functions to navigate through.

As an added benefit, the lens comes with a hood designed to filter out excessive light.

It’s also ideal for limiting lens flares so you can have a higher-quality image during the day.

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What to Like About It

The Kicteck Video Camera Camcorder is a useful device with a convenient remote.

You’ll find its night vision capabilities are its most impressive feature, as is the external boom mic with multiple adjustments.

As an added benefit, it boasts a built-in IR light to improve nighttime recordings.

What Not to Like About It

The 4K recording quality in this camera is questionable because you might find it’s closer to 1080p.

Also, the focusing is lacking, especially at night, which can create blurry and unusable footage.


  • Convenient remote
  • Incredible night vision
  • External boom mic
  • Built-in IR light


  • Questionable 4K quality
  • Poor focusing capabilities


3. Lincom Tech 4K Video Camera

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The Lincom Tech 4K Video Camera is another convenient HD-quality camera to consider.

It’s designed to be functional in a small package, which makes it perfect for vlogging.

If you’re new to ghost hunting, this could be a good starter option.

Product Highlights

This video camera has been recently upgraded to offer 4K quality video recording at 30 FPS.

It also has an 18x digital zoom, perfect for capturing evidence of activity at a distance.

There are two batteries that you’ll need for a more impressive experience.

You’ll find there’s a built-in microphone as well as an external boom mic with various adjustable levels.

The lens hood is another addition that helps reduce lens flare and provides a higher-quality picture.

With the help of the three-inch LCD, you can quickly review captured content from any angle.

The implementation of WiFi control is convenient when using the device along with your smartphone.

You can download an app to transfer files directly to your smart devices as well as your computers.

This feature will prove to be most useful when traveling since you won’t have to worry about connecting via a cable.

There’s also a remote control included with every order that allows you to adjust the camera wirelessly.

Regarding night vision, this camera is specifically designed to feature impressive IR night vision recordings.

There’s a fill light function that allows you to capture black and white videos and photos in the dark.

Another benefit is the pause function, allowing you to continue recording from where you last left off.

Overall, it’s a convenient choice to create ghost hunting videos or gather evidence for your archives.

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What to Like About It

The Lincom Tech 4K Video Camera is a fantastic option for nighttime recordings with impressive IR technology.

It also comes with a detachable microphone that you can easily pack for trips, like spirit box apps.

All of the built-in functions are high-quality, allowing you to enjoy a more customized recording experience.

What Not to Like About It

The USB port on the device is lacking since it gets loose and makes it challenging to connect to your PC.

Also, the touchscreen lacks responsiveness, which can make it frustrating to use.


  • Captures high-resolution videos
  • IR recording is ideal for ghost hunting
  • Has a detachable microphone
  • High-quality functions


  • Low-quality USB port
  • Touchscreen lacks responsiveness


4. HAOHUNT Camcorder

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The stabilization features of the HAOHUNT Camcorder make it an excellent entry-level option for ghost hunters.

Instead of offering a 4K resolution, it has standard 1080p full HD recording capabilities.

It’s a good option similar to the other cameras we’ve discussed, including a lens hood and external microphone.

Product Highlights

The first unique feature we experienced with this camcorder was its foldable stabilizer holder.

You’ll be able to fold the stabilizer in and out, allowing you to improve the quality of your videos.

Another convenient feature is the remote control, allowing you to manage the camera’s functions wirelessly.

There are many different functions that you can use in the camera, including IR night vision.

You’ll also record 1080p videos in .avi and 36MP photos that are reviewable on the three-inch IPS LCD touchscreen.

With the added time-lapse functions, you can create inspiring pickup shots that contribute to your videos’ ambiance.

We love motion detection, which allows us to set the camera up in a room and capture any movement.

With the added functionality of the remote control, you can effortlessly adjust the camera’s settings.

We also love the HDMI TV output, which allows us to review footage from a larger screen with ease.

You’ll find built-in face detection as well as several white balance functions.

The self-timer is also convenient for capturing videos and photos at specific intervals.

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What to Like About It

Recording at night is effortless with this camera with special IR functions.

You’ll be able to record crisp videos in complete darkness, and the lens works well with flashlights.

Also, motion detection is ideal for capturing any movement in a room.

What Not to Like About It

Unfortunately, this camera isn’t equipped with manual focus, which means you have to rely on autofocus.

Also, the remote won’t work with live streaming, which can be inconvenient.


  • IR works well
  • Convenient motion detection
  • Records in complete darkness
  • Works well with flashlights


  • No manual focus
  • Remote doesn’t work for live streaming


5. MELCAM Video Camera Camcorder

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As another recently upgraded camera, the MELCAM Video Camera Camcorder is a good option for HD-quality videos.

You’ll be able to capture media at both 1080 and 720p in 30 to 240 FPS, depending on the resolution.

Product Highlights

The most recently included upgrade is the camera’s ability to record in 4K at 30 FPS as an added benefit.

You’ll find that better video quality will help you see subjects in better definition, especially on big screens.

The multi-angle display allows you to quickly review your videos and photos directly through the three-inch screen.

Like many of the other camcorders on the market, this device also features WiFi connectivity.

With the use of an app, you can quickly download and share videos across many devices.

You’ll also find it’s a good option to use as a webcam.

The external stabilizer is convenient for improving the flow of your videos with limited shaking.

Also, there’s an external microphone that you can use to experience higher-quality audio.

The microphone features X-Y stereo pickup technology for crisper and clearer audio.

One of its most impressive features is its IR night vision, allowing you to record clear videos with zero light.

Like most modern cameras, it captures night vision in black and white, much simpler to review.

For daytime shots, you’ll love the lens hood, which helps block excess light and better manage color contrast.

You’ll love the remote, allowing you to manage the camera up to ten feet away.

The two included batteries make longer recording sessions simpler.

Also, there are plenty of other standard functions for you to use, including time lapses, motion detection, and face detection.

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What to Like About It

The lightweight camera housing makes this device easy to travel with, as does the included remote.

You’ll find the external microphone is of average quality, making it ready to use upon arrival.

Also, we found it works well with high-capacity SD cards to capture plenty of images and videos.

What Not to Like About It

The 4K quality in this camera is questionable since some of the videos are grainier than expected.

Unfortunately, the stability is also lacking, which means it’ll work best with tripods.


  • Lightweight camera housing
  • Easy-to-use remote
  • Average-quality microphone
  • Works with high capacity SD cards


  • Works best with tripods
  • Questionable 4K quality


Buyer’s Guide

When you’re searching for a camcorder for ghost hunting, there are several key features to consider in the perfect model.

To help you make the best purchasing decision, keep these essential features in mind.

IR Night Vision

By far, the night vision capabilities of your camera are the most important thing to consider.

Since you’ll be ghost hunting at night, you need a device that can easily capture images and videos in darkness.

You’ll want to ensure the night vision recordings are equally as detailed as if you were to shoot during the daytime.

It’s also important to find a camera that can work well with flashlights without causing lens flares.

Otherwise, you’ll have far too much glare that can make the media challenging to see clearly.

Most of the higher-quality IR night vision cameras have specialty lights built into the lens.

These lights help you to capture detailed aspects of your environment in complete darkness.

Also, it can be beneficial to find a camera that records in black and white at night.

Black and white recordings are proven to be far more detailed than standard green night vision.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is an impressive feature to have built into your camera, especially when ghost hunting.

You can easily set up the device in another room and allow it to record any movement since you call out to the spirit world.

When paired with remote control, you can wirelessly manage the camera to capture any hidden activity.

Along with motion detection, face detection can also be beneficial for capturing strange imagery.

This technology allows the camera to focus on the environment’s subjects, even if they’re not visible to the human eye.

Remote Control

With an added remote control, you’ll have a significant improvement in managing your camera.

You can record pickup shots without needing an entire camera crew since you can manage the zoom, recording function, and more.

It also adds convenience because you won’t have to use the built-in touchscreen to change the recording settings continually.

Recording Quality

The quality of your recordings is another critical feature to consider.

Not only will you need to ensure your videos are clear at night, but they’ll have to show even the finest details.

Opting for a 4K camera can be a significant upgrade from standard 1080p or 720p.

However, it’s important to note that 4K videos will have significantly larger file sizes.

If you’re working with a small SD card with limited storage, opting for 1080p is a better idea.

External Microphone

Audio recordings are likely to be your most significant source of evidence of the afterlife.

With that said, you’ll need to make sure you have an exceptional microphone at your disposal.

Typically, camcorders’ built-in microphones aren’t sufficient to capture quiet sounds and audio in detail.

It’s best if you can find a model that comes with an external microphone.

Alternatively, you can choose to connect your mic for more precise audio.

Ideally, your camera should be designed with a 3.5mm jack for your convenience.

Camera for Ghost Hunting FAQs

1. How Do Night Vision Cameras Work?

IR technology is needed for night vision cameras to work.

These devices use infrared light to brighten images hidden in the dark not seen by the human eye.

Infrared light is all around us, and by using this natural occurrence, the cameras detect invisible wavelengths.

With the help of the wavelengths, subjects shrouded in complete darkness are illuminated.

Simply put, IR allows the camera to use infrared wavelengths similar to how we use the sun for daytime vision.

2. Can Night Vision Cameras See Through Glass?

If you’re trying to capture an apparition through a glass, IR technology won’t be as useful as you’d think.

Unfortunately, the wavelengths tend to bounce off the glass, which can cause blurry reflections and low video quality.

You might be lucky if it’s a single pane of glass, but the quality could be lacking.

3. How Far Can Night Vision Cameras See?

When you’re shopping for a night vision camera, considering its zoom is important since it determines how far the camera can see.

Lower-quality cameras are likely to have shorter recording distances, while the higher-quality options are more impressive.

For ghost hunting, an adequate amount of zoom, up to 10x, should be more than enough.

However, if you want to take it a step further, you can consider 16x or 18x zoom functions.

4. What Are Orbs in Night Vision Camera?

When you’re reviewing your footage, you might notice small orbs not attributed to paranormal activity.

IR cameras tend to cause backscatter, which is a collection of unfocused particles in the air.

Some types of backscatter can even be followed by trails, which suggests they’re moving.

Ideally, the higher-quality your camera is, the less likely it is to be affected by backscatter.

You’ll want a device that allows for either 1080p or 4K recording for the most reliable videos possible.

Our Final Recommendation

The Lincom Tech 4K Video Camera is our choice for the best camera for ghost hunting.

Its IR technology is well above industry standards, and it has incredibly crisp and clear audio recordings.

As an added benefit, it’s easy to use and has exceptional stability for handheld use.