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Looking for the best night vision camcorders for ghost hunting? You’re in the right place. Night vision camcorders can be expensive, and most do not work for ghost hunting. We’re here to guide you in the right direction so that you don’t spend your hard-earned cash on something that doesn’t even work.

While it’s true that the ghost hunters on TV have a larger budget to obtain the best ghost hunting gear, that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same. Below, we list and review the best night vision camcorders depending on your budget and what you want to achieve.

Whether it’s to convince a die-hard skeptic that ghosts truly exist. Or if you simply want to go on your own paranormal investigations. We’ve got you covered.



The 5 Best Night Vision Camcorders

1. Ancter 4K Full Spectrum Night vision Camcorder – Best Overall

The Ancter 4K Full Spectrum Night Vision Camcorder is our top pick simply because it was specifically made for ghost hunting. This night vision camcorder has everything one would need to go on a paranormal investigation.

Featuring an IPS touchscreen, the camera can switch from infrared to full spectrum with a simple touch of a button. It has a 4K UHD Wide Angle Lens and includes an extra battery giving it a whopping 220 minutes of recording time.

The night vision quality is amazing, and we believe you can’t go wrong with this choice.



Made Specifically For Ghost Hunting

Fantastic Full Spectrum 4K Video Quality

Great Night Vision and Infrared Lighting

Easy Data Transfer

Good Speaker and Audio Quality

Smooth Touchscreen


Wifi Capability Is Difficult To Set Up

Not Water-Resistant

2. WEILIANTE Full HD Night Vision Digital Camcorder – Best Budget

The WEILIANTE Night Vision Digital Camcorder is a great choice if you’re on a budget. This night vision camcorder records video at Full HD resolution (1920x1080p) and shoots photos at 24MP. Plus, it is equipped with a 3″ LCD display that will show you the footage immediately after it is captured.

It also features an infrared night vision function that will perform great when you have to shoot in the dark on your paranormal investigations.

This is the best option for those on a budget as you can grab one really cheap on Amazon.



Value For Money


Simple to Set Up and Easy To Use


Quality Sound


Mediocre Video Quality

Limited Functionality

Non Water-Resistant

3. Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Monocular with Camcorder

The Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Monocular with Camcorder is a close runner-up to the Ancter. It actually has a superior night vision performance. However, the problem is that it only shoots at a 720p resolution and has a narrower field-of-view. This means that despite amazing night vision quality, videos during the day are mediocre.

One thing the Bestguarder has over the other night vision camcorders on this list though, is that it is water-resistant. Meaning you don’t have to worry about wet weather when you go ghost hunting.



Best Night Vision Performance – By Far

Great Viewing Distance In Pitch Black Conditions



Easy To Use


Only 720p Resolution

Field-Of-View Could Be Better

4. Cleveland Paranormal Supply 4K UHD Night Vision Camcorder

The Cleveland Paranormal Supply 4K UHD Night Vision Camcorder is another video camera designed specifically for ghost hunting enthusiasts.

It has a max resolution of 2160p, meaning you are getting 4K quality when you are using this camera in any condition. And the night vision performance is decent enough to deliver respectable results.

Like the Ancter, you can choose between infrared and full spectrum night vision, depending on what type of videos you prefer.

With a wide-angle lens and good battery life, you can be out for the night and get a lot of footage with this camera. Overall, a decent night vision camcorder.



Made Specifically For Ghost Hunting

Full Spectrum 4K Video Quality

Easy File Transfer

Easy-to-use Touchscreen


Night Vision Performance Is Mediocre

Not Water-Resistant

5. Besteker Night Vision Camcorder with External Mic

The Besteker Night Vision Camcorder with External Mic is one of the better budget camcorders with night vision. It isn’t cheap, but the price is very reasonable for what you’re getting.

You can record videos at 1080p Full HD and capture high-quality 24MP photos. It also comes with a good external microphone. Which is important during ghost hunts or paranormal investigations.

You may not be getting top-class video quality or night vision capability, but the Besteker is definitely one of the best night vision camcorders when you consider it’s price.



Reasonable Price

Full HD Video Quality

Respectable Night Vision Quality

Great External Mic


Night Vision Performance Is Mediocre

Not Water-Resistant

Material Feels Cheap

Buying A Night Vision Camcorder – Things To Consider

Hopefully, we’ve been able to guide you to which night vision camcorder best suits your needs. However, there are a few more things to consider before you finally make your purchase.

Carefully look at the prices and the features they have to offer. You might end up buying something that will not meet your needs.

To avoid this, here are a few things to consider when buying the best night vision camcorder:

Battery Life

When it comes to ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, battery life is extremely important. You don’t want to run out of battery in the middle of an investigation. Therefore, a night vision camcorder with good battery life is absolutely necessary. On top of that, you need to make sure that you are always carrying extra batteries on you.

Photo And Video Quality

After a ghost hunt, you definitely do not want to have a difficult time seeing what you just captured. The camcorder you eventually choose should be able to give you high definition videos and images. If your videos and images are of low quality, how are you going to prove the skeptics wrong?

Stability and Durability

Everyone knows that it can get a little crazy during paranormal investigations. That’s why it’s very important to get a night vision camcorder that can remain stable to capture all the craziness. You need one that can stand firm on a tripod and not easily be knocked over. And if it does get knocked over, you’ll want one that won’t just break upon impact.

Distance Of View

Depending on how far or close to the action you want to be during your ghost hunts, you’ll want a versatile camcorder that can perform well in the dark at various distances.

Minimum Lux

Night vision video cameras are graded based on a minimum lux value. Basically, this is the minimum amount of light required for a night vision camcorder to work properly in the dark. For comparison’s sake, professional night vision cameras have a lux rating of 0.0001 lux. But cameras of this caliber are very expensive. For ghost hunting, you probably won’t need something this extreme. Any of the models listed above should do.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does A Night Vision Camcorder Work?

Night vision on camcorders is actually a pretty simple process, the most common one being infrared night vision. When we look at images through night vision lenses, they appear in two sets of colors: black and green or black and white. This all happens thanks to the use of infrared light. When you switch on a night vision camcorder, small LED lights flood the field of view with infrared light, which is invisible to the natural human eye. It is only when the camcorder goes into monochromatic view that your eyes are finally capable of seeing the images. This is because it is easier for the human eye to see and interpret black and white than it is with bright colors like red and blue.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Night Vision Camcorder?

A night vision camcorder is simply a video camera that is capable of recording images in the dark. These cameras will allow you to capture high definition videos even when it’s pitch black. These usually have a fair number of benefits and we list some of them below:

  • Capture high-quality photos, videos, and audio in pitch black darkness
  • Ability to see crystal clear from close and far distances at night
  • Amazing device to bring on ghost hunts and paranormal investigations.
  • Other than paranormal investigations and ghost hunting, they can also be used for night surveillance, fishing, and hunting when it’s dark

Can I use my Night Vision camcorder during the day?

As you’ve probably already read above, most camcorders with night vision can actually capture high-quality videos and photos during the day. However, it is not safe to assume that other camcorders with night vision not listed above can be used during the day.

At What Distance Can I See In Total Darkness with a Night Vision Camcorder?

That is solely dependent on the camcorder you decide to buy. The distances will vary from one product to the next. If you take a look at the list above, you can see that the Bestguarder can see up to 1,150 feet in total darkness, which is truly quite amazing.

Where Can I Buy A Night Vision Camcorder?

You can easily find and purchase a night vision camcorder on Amazon.



Night vision camcorders are truly an amazing tool for ghost hunting; imagine being able to see and capture high-quality videos and images in the dark. The perfect one for you does not have to be the most expensive. There are numerous options out there that are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

If money is not an issue and you want the overall best night vision camcorder, then go with the Ancter 4K Full Spectrum Night Vision Camcorder. If you’re a beginner or on a budget, then the WEILIANTE Night Vision Digital Camcorder is a great option. If you want the best night vision quality, something sturdy and water-resistant, then go with the Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Monocular with Camcorder.

I hope this guide has been very helpful to you and that you’ve finally been able to make a decision. The fun really starts after you’ve purchased your night vision camcorder.