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Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) can now be heard, deciphered, and generated by simply using an app on your phone. EVP Apps are excellent tools for you to get yourself started in communicating with ghosts and EVP recording. It is definitely a great starting point for beginners in order to eventually move on to actual Digital Voice Recorders.

However, If you plan to purchase an actual EVP recorder device, you can check out our comprehensive list of the Best Digital Voice Recorders here.


Conducting A Paranormal Investigation On Your Own

You can now talk to ghosts just by using your own phone. There are apps that capture Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP recordings to get you started on your own paranormal investigation.

EVP Apps are made simple enough, even for beginners. You simply download the app, hit record, and begin asking your questions. Hopefully, you’d have caught audio evidence of a ghost through an EVP recording; Which you get to listen to during playback.

As a word of warning, there are a lot of fake ghost recording apps out there that will just generate results that will disappoint you. The apps below (up next) are the apps that have been tried, tested, and have left us impressed. They will definitely be worth your time.

But it is important for you to keep in mind that all of the apps that will be discussed only work to an extent. I don’t think there will be an app that could surpass what an actual Digital Voice Recorder or a Spirit Box can, so that’s very crucial to know.

Best EVP Apps

Ghost EVP Analyzer

Ghost-EVP-AnalyzerGhost EVP Analyzer is one of the best apps to download when experimenting with EVP. This app for Android phones can almost serve as a substantial substitute for a voice recorder. It has an impressive graphical interface, the recording quality is very good and the app itself is so easy to use. Its analysis function allows you to listen to the playback at normal speed, half speed as well as reverse.

What makes this app really stand out from the rest is when it shows spikes for abnormal sounds and disembodied voices whilst listening to your recordings. This function lets you know exactly when to really concentrate and listen in for anything unusual or paranormal.

Get it for FREE here.

Entity Sensor Pro

Entity-Sensor-ProEntity Sensor Pro is both an Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF) and an Electronic Voice Phenomena recorder (EVP) for Android phones. It is also made significantly better than other apps because of the voice note function as well as the data logging function that is available after you avail of the Pro version of the app.

The app uses your phone’s magnetic sensor to pick up and read local electromagnetic energy and track any abnormal activity. The graphics interface with a visual indicator of the light bar also shows the exact milligauss and microtesla readings in a basic 3-axis EMF meter.

The app’s EMF meter is extremely sensitive so be sure to place your phone down and lay it on a flat surface. Download it from the Google Play Store here.

Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost-Hunting-ToolsGhost Hunting Tools has everything you need in order to embark on your first ghost hunting investigation. It is the go-to ghost hunting app that, before anything else, detects the presence of a spirit. This saves you a lot of time and energy, as you can quickly find the correct location in order to communicate with the spirit present.

Hopefully, you get to hear disembodied ghost voices when playing back your recordings. All this can be done just through your iPhone. Download it from the Apple app store here.

Paranormal Recorder

paranormal-recorderThe EVP recording function on this ghost hunting app will definitely give you decent results. It’s a very basic app that uses the magnetic compass on your phone to detect extrasensory audio that you cannot hear yourself.

Reviews show that users of the Paranormal Recorder app fully trust this app to give them real results and do not leave them disappointed. Definitely worth checking out. Download it from the Google Play Store here.

Ghost Recorder

ghost-recorderInitially, the Ghost Recorder app tells you whether or not there is a ghost present. This function, I think, is very convenient because it saves time, space, and energy. Because of this, you can even consider this EVP App as a solid substitute for a ghost detector app.

It detects the presence of a spirit and then lets you know of any noises it is making as the ghost tries to make contact with you. It has all the basic and essential functions available for you to get good-quality recordings of ghost noises and disembodied voices. A very basic and simple app that lets you find a spirit as well as talk to them. Get it from the Apple App Store here.


Theories Behind Disembodied Ghost Voices

There are a number of theories about how disembodied ghost voices are captured. Here are some explanations of how EVP is generated.


Psychokinesis (also called telekinesis) is the use of the strong power of the mind to manipulate or affect physical matter or objects. It is believed that it is impossible to capture a ghost voice other than when it is done psychokinetically. Ghosts and spirits are pure entities and therefore could not produce sound waves without physical vocal cords. So in theory, EVP recordings are generated by a spirit psychokinetically manipulating the physical recording device.


This theory involves the power of the mind once again. But instead of the ghost psychokinetically manipulating it, the investigator (person conducting the recording) is the one generating the recording. This is possible in the investigator’s desire to get a response from the spirit and psychokinesis then causes the disembodied voices to be heard and recorded.

Residual Energy

In theory, all of the past, including sound and interaction, is stored as residual energy in their specific locations. When noise or voice is recorded and captured, it is merely the release of the energy stored within.

Electronic Interference

As the term implies, this is sound interference coming from electronic gadgets whose transmissions and sound waves have made it through to the EVP recording device. In this day and age, there could be a lot of sources of electronic interference all around us like radios, televisions, and more.

Background Noise

EVP devices actually use AM and/or FM stations in order to generate material. The recorder scans through the channels and distorts the noise in order to get anything out of it. So this theory suggests that EVPs are the result of the distortion of background noises no matter what electronic medium is being used for recording. Outdoor EVPs often result in this kind of result wherein brushing over grass can sound like a whisper.


Ghost Hunting Equipment

If you are ready to get serious about your ghost hunting, you may want to consider checking out more equipment and purchasing more tools for an even better recording session. So other than these apps you must have these tools with you.

Always be prepared. Have all your gear fully charged, stocked up with fresh batteries, and with sufficient space big enough for all your files. If you want to know about other equipment you may need during your ghost hunting sessions you can check out our comprehensive list of professional ghost hunting equipment here.


Final Thoughts

When working with EVPs, I actually find EVP Apps to be convenient and most of all effective. Especially when you don’t really have much equipment yet or at the moment, you only really have your phone. It’s a great tool for beginners and a helpful backup tool for experts and paranormal investigators.

It is so disappointing to generate fake results so hopefully, this list of the best EVP Apps could be of help to you to generate real EVP recordings and not fake ones.
As a paranormal investigator, distinguishing disembodied voices in your EVP recordings is very crucial and you must have a subjective mindset considering the material you’re working with. An Electronic Voice Phenomena, emphasis on the word phenomena, is a disembodied voice heard audibly at the time it is electronically captured on a recording. It is something quite unexplainable and associating meaning with the responses captured is a difficult task. It is incredibly rare to capture ghost voices on tape, some disembodied voices are heard at the time of the recording but are not even captured electronically.

Just to get it out there, EVP Apps are not going to be as effective as having an actual Digital Voice Recorder for capturing the highest quality EVP. So if you’re planning to get your own EVP recorder, here is a list of the Best EVP Devices/Digital Voice Recorders available to try: