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Mountain Monsters is a show on a channel called Destination America about the unidentified creatures found in the Appalachian Mountains. On each episode, members of AIMS or the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings, conduct exploration investigations to find concrete evidence of the “monsters” supposedly lurking in the area. However, these guys are not your typical investigative researchers. These guys are bearded fellas who run around with guns whose apparent expertise are hunting and making traps.

In the show, they discuss a specific creature with an eyewitness who has claimed to have had an encounter with the creature. From there the team can build on what mountain monster they will investigate on as the subject for that episode. Their ventures aim to provide evidence and attempt to capture these mythical creatures (for example, bigfoot) and prove that they actually exist.

Although, ever since the show first aired in 2013, Mountain Monsters hasn’t been able to provide any solid scientific evidence of the existence of the creatures they feature despite being able to have photos and videos to show as “proof”. Which makes it very suspicious as to whether or not the “evidence” they present on the show is real or fake.



The Team

The most obvious factor you would notice from watching the TV show would be the bearded men who are apparently the investigative monster hunters for the show. The leader is John “Trapper” Tice, AIMS team co-founder and an expert trapper. The rookie is Jacob “Buck” Lowe, an expert caller. Joe “Huckleberry” Lott is head of security. William “Wild Bill” Neff is their expert hunter. He builds the traps and spews with AIMS team co-founder and fellow trapper Willy McQuillian. Jeff Headley, AIMS team co-founder, is their head researcher who interviews the witnesses and his teammates.

aims team

Whenever these guys execute their hunting investigations, they would actually be quite loud and always make so much noise. Which is very odd hunting behavior. I don’t think it takes a genius to know that when it comes to hunting, you should try your best not to scare your target away by making very little to no sound at all. But for some reason, in the show, these guys are still able to have a chance encounter with these unlikely creatures every time.


Unidentified Creatures

The so-called monsters in the West Virginia are supposed to be rarely spotted. This is the main reason and a big factor as to what gives these unidentified creatures the mysterious impression surrounding their existence. It is incredibly rare, impossible even, to catch a glimpse of these unidentified creatures which are said to only really exist in mythical stories.

So it’s quite hard to believe that in each episode, the team’s attempt at a chance encounter with a specific beast for a specific episode almost always happens. How can the team be lucky enough to have these “chance” encounters in each and every episode?

And apparently, according to the show, there are a lot of different kinds of monsters which almost seems a bit too unreal and definitely made up. What’s even more made up are the crazy wacky names these monsters have. For example: Bigfoot, werewolves, and Mothman. Okay fine, we’ll let the classics slide. But Sheepsquatch, Snallygaster, Hogzilla, Cherokee Death Cat, devil dogs, Grassman, and Shadow Creature? These are just way too random and totally made up.


Man vs. Monster

These investigative monster hunters are supposedly very skilled at building the best traps to capture these creatures. However, for some reason, whatever they manage to catch also always manages to be able to escape. How is it possible for the monsters to always escape and be out of sight before they can even be seen by absolutely anyone?

If these creatures are such monsters, shouldn’t it be dangerous to stay in that area knowing that there’s a newly escaped creature running around? These guys actually stick around for a while and conduct their interviews at the site and even joke around and laugh about the escape.

These guys are also always carrying guns. And supposedly, these men actually get close enough to the beasts, are able to trap these beasts and are even shown allegedly getting attacked by the beasts. However, in any of the episodes, no matter how close they are able to get to the monsters or no matter how “in-danger” they apparently are, none of them ever uses their weapons for attack nor defense.


It’s All An Act

The main characters of the show sometimes come off as acting and I guess it’s safe to assume that the eyewitnesses called in for the show may be acting as well. The show also actually flashes a disclaimer in every episode stating that no animals were actually hunted. This is very confusing and very much somewhat proves that the content of the TV show is fake. Because if no animals were actually hunted, how could the hunters claim that there were creatures caught in their traps? It is now quite obvious that Mountain Monsters is completely fake: staged and scripted.

The camera tricks are also too obvious. When the guys have supposedly spotted “something” the camera would show the hunters’ expressions and reactions rather than just focusing on the creature that they supposedly have found. The timing of the shots are always a bit too late.

And every time they manage to capture something on video, it looks undoubtedly computerized. You’d think that the content they would present in an actual TV show would at least be a little bit more realistic, but the evidence collected on the show are special effects that aren’t even good, poorly photoshopped photos and eyewitness videos that are obviously fake.


Non-Existent Proof

There is clearly no actual scientific proof of these creatures and their existence. Because after apparently spotting these dangerous monsters, after having caught them only to have them escape their supposed expert traps and after collecting photos and video footage; The team never really calls any legitimate authority to help them investigate further work with and really find the dangerous monsters. They don’t call upon the help of scientists or analysts to assist in further research on the unidentified creature.

When a reporter sat down with some of the guys from the Mountain Monsters team and asked if they’ve discovered any real evidence of any unknown creature, Trapper presented a 2-inch-long tooth he said they found on a trail in Pocahontas County in 2005. He claims it was from a bigfoot.


He said he has never felt the need to have the tooth analyzed by any scientific organization because he just knows what it is. Trapper claims, “I thought it was a bear tooth and Bill and I had both killed bears and knew it was not a bear tooth. It’s not from a domesticated animal — nothing has a tooth like that. On my mantel, I have a skull collection of every wild species in West Virginia, from a bobcat, coyote, bears, all the way down to a gopher — I’ve got ‘em all. I was bear hunting at the time, and where his toenails tracked, I seen a little bit of white in the ground and took a knife and dug it out. I think it’s an incisor [front] tooth from a Bigfoot.”.


Conclusion – Mountain Monsters Is Fake

This is all very entertaining, but that’s all it really is: entertaining. There have been so many episodes and there has still been no solid scientific proof of the existence of any creatures they have featured, from the classic monsters to the made up ones. Mountain Monsters’ proof of the existence of these creatures is as non-existent as the creatures they feature on their show.