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Are you interested in capturing real EVP (Electric Voice Phenomena)? Here are the best digital recorders designed to pick up your conversations with ghosts.




Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP are voice and sound recordings captured through Digital Voice Recorders. The recordings are usually short phrases, soft whispers or unexplainable noises. Although sometimes the voices and whispers caught from these recordings are so undoubtedly clear, they are interpreted as messages from the dead.



There are actually several classifications of EVP:

Class A EVP: Class A EVP is identifiable to anyone who hears the recording because it is clear and very distinct. Also, a rare kind of EVP to capture.

Class B EVP: The actual word or phrase heard may be debatable to the investigators and there could be a small confusion as to what exactly was being said in the EVP.

Class C EVP: The voices, or should I say “whispers”, heard here are soft and very faint. In some cases, the Class C EVP is captured underneath a lot of background noise. In order for it to qualify as Class C EVP, they are filtered and then amplified in order to make them more audible. Also, the most common kind of EVP to capture.

Class R EVP: The EVP must be played in reverse in order for it to actually be useable.



Among the many tools used to capture paranormal activity, an EVP Recorder or a Digital Voice Recorder is essential. If you want to browse through the Best Selling Digital Voice Recorders on Amazon, you can check them all out here.

However, we have made a more in-depth discussion on our top picks for the best EVP recorders for ghost hunting. Continue reading to learn more about them.


Olympus VN-7200 Digital Voice Recorder – Best Value

olympus vn-7200With up to 1,511 hours of recording time, a voice activation feature that only records when the microphone senses sound as well as quick and easy file management, The Olympus VN-7200 is the best bang for your buck voice recorder.

For its price point, it really offers a lot of useful elements like noise cancellation which eliminates unwanted background noise while in playback mode. Its playback function can be played in either slow or fast mode depending on your preference. As well as a timer recording, an alarm playback, and the microphone input and headphone output jacks.

The VN-7200 is a highly versatile with voice activation and index marking to take note of particular points in your recordings to pinpoint its highlights. However, there is no built-in USB port for this device.

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Olympus WS-853 Voice Recorder – Expert’s Choice

This device has it all: the best functionality with tolympus ws-853he most relevant features and high-quality recording. The Olympus WS-853 has a whopping recording time of 2,080 hours with 8GB built-in memory.

There is a multiple folder element for when you are working on several projects to save in separate folders. This is where the convenient calendar search option plays its part.

It has a voice balancer and an intelligent auto mode wherein it adjusts to match the volume of the sound score.

Key aspects of this device would be its ease of use because of the simple mode. It only shows frequently used and essential information on the screen for easy viewing.

I love that it confirms if I really want to delete a recording to avoid instances like losing important files. As well as the built-in USB for transferring files straight from the Olympus WS-853 to a laptop or computer. Last but not least a super convenient USB battery charging option.

You can check out the Olympus WS-853 on Amazon here.


Olympus WS-852 Voice Recorder

olympus ws-852-bIf you really wanted the Olympus WS-853 but thought it was a bit over your budget, you can opt for the Olympus WS-852 which is just like it, only with a few minor differences. The obvious difference is the color of the device wherein this one is the silver version of the 853’s black design.

With the two modes it offers, this device is made very simple which is perfect for beginners or users who only really need the essentials. It offers 4GB built-in memory and a total recording time of 1,040 hours.

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Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder

Sony ICD-PX370With the Sony ICD-PX370, you can choose from either the voice note, meeting, interview or lecture modes. This is a really cool feature because it allows you to change settings depending on where you are conducting your recording session. The playback is also quite clear as it cuts the noise out of your recordings.

The stand out features that the Sony ICD-PX370 has to offer would be the placement of the erase button (which is on the side) so you won’t have to worry about accidentally deleting important recordings. As well as the built-in USB for ease of transfer from the device straight to your laptop or computer. It’s unbelievable how something so handy can have over 1,000 hours of recording time with 4GB of memory. If you’re looking for pure voice recording with adequate minutes, check out the Sony ICD-PX370 on Amazon.


EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice RecorderThe 16GB EVISTR is best for lectures and meetings but also works well during interviews and voice recordings (including ghost hunting). It has a voice activation feature which means it only records when there is something to record. It reduces blank recordings to save time and space. Also, the microphone is noise canceling for clearer recordings. The recordings are automatically saved and can be played back easily. The overall quality of the 16GB EVISTR is excellent where its small enough to fit in your pocket and strong enough for it record without taking it out of your pocket.

Check out the EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder on Amazon here.



Here are easy steps to follow to execute your recording sessions properly.

During the recording

After choosing your ideal location, make use of your Digital Voice Recorder and its many features. Put in fresh batteries, press record and make sure to set it on the highest quality recording possible in order to capture EVP and messages from beyond.

Begin asking questions like “Are there any spirits here?” “Can you tell me your name?” and “Why are you here?”. Talk in a normal tone and ask slowly to give the recorder ample time to pick up possible responses from actual spirits. Stay quiet. You and your group may talk to each other, however, you must keep in mind that you have to allow the recorder to do its job to pick up anything it can for your investigation.

Most of the time the sounds and voices are so soft that they are merely whispers. Turn off anything that can generate background noise because your recorder will pick up everything. This may be distracting and you may not get the best EVP you would want. I find it best if you set your device down in order to eliminate noise from your hands when you’re moving around as it could interfere with the recording.


Earphones are essential when reviewing your EVP recordings. This allows you to hear the recording in the clearest possible way. You may even transfer it to your laptop or computer and have everyone listen to it at the same time. Understanding and interpreting what the EVP is saying is very subjective. Listening together makes for easier discussion with your team and a great way to get confirmation about the unexplainable sounds that were captured (Ask: “Did anyone else hear that?” “What did you hear?” “Did we hear the same thing?”)

Organize your recordings digitally as well as have a written log for the sounds, words or phrases from your EVP recordings. This will help keep track of all the results including the date, time, place, and words that were said to avoid overlooking important details.

Additional Tips

Work at night. It’s quieter and spirits are usually felt during these times. This one is optional but when you’re really not getting anything from your questions, you may leave your Digital Voice Recorder running after setting it down and leaving it in a room.

Always be prepared. Have all your gear ready with fresh batteries and enough memory and space for your files. For ghost hunting, you must have these essential equipment with you:

– Voice recorder
– Headphones or earphones
– External microphone and speakers
– Camera
Spirit box
– Notebook and pen
– Spare Batteries

If you want to know about other equipment you may need during your ghost hunting sessions you can check out our comprehensive list on professional ghost hunting equipment here.

*You may also use editing software that will let you eliminate background noise and will allow you to cut out the specific EVP sections of the recording, duplicate them and save them separately. Check out Audacity if you want to give this editing software option a try. *

 For a deeper dive into EVP Recorders check out EVP Recorders What Are They Used For While Ghost Hunting?


If you’re a beginner, simply curious about EVPs or not quite sure about purchasing an EVP recorder just yet, you might want to take a look into EVP apps available for either Android and/or iPhone users alike.


There are great EVP apps available to try in order for you to dip your toes into EVP recording and eventually move on to Digital Voice Recorders. But to be completely honest, EVP apps are not going to be as effective as having an actual Digital Voice Recorder for capturing the best quality EVP. But it would definitely be a good training ground if you plan to purchase an actual EVP recorder later on.

Check out our top picks on the Best EVP Apps so you can capture EVP recordings on your phone.



When you invest in a Digital Voice Recorder you must consider the important factors such as the price, the features, and quality to decide on the digital recorder for you. You can find the best one that fits your budget or will be most convenient if you’re a beginner or if you really want the best Digital Voice Recorder out there.


Our overall winner is clearly the Olympus WS-853 for its whopping recording time of 2,080 hours, ease of use and all its helpful essential included features. But you can get its less expensive model, the Olympus WS-852, for a little less. For the best value for your money, the Olympus VN-7200 takes the cake. Although our 3 runner-ups are not so bad too and they still get the job done as EVP Recorders.