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Ghost hunting became more fun and thrilling because you don’t have to go around blindly in your area to search for them.

Although ghosts are everywhere, it’s not easy to find an entity willing to communicate with you.

With the appearance of amazing ghost hunting tools like spirit boxes, it is now possible to find spirits around you.

The good is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy these ghost boxes. You just need to know how to make a spirit box if you want to start ghost hunting.

It is possible to have a DIY spirit box, and it’s not too hard to make as long as you know what to do.


How to Make a Spirit Box

There are different ways to make a spirit box. You can try the more challenging method where you need to use a traditional radio or the simpler one by using your mobile phone.

Let’s check out both of these methods, so you can choose whatever process you want or more convenient for you.

DIY Radio Spirit Box

A lot of people in the past are using old radios to create a spirit box.

A wide range of radios would work just fine, but for these particular procedures, you would need the 12-820 armband radio or the Sangean DT-200VX radio.

12-820 Armband Radio

If you are going to use the 12-820 armband radio, here is a short guide on creating a spirit box:

Step #1: Open the Radio and Cut the Wires

Check the back of the radio and loosen the screws. After opening the back of the radio, you will notice two gray wire bundles.

You will also see a red wire on the right side of each packet. You need to get a small pair of scissors and check the bundle of wires on your left side.

Use your scissors to cut the third gray wire located on the left side of the red wire. This is actually the mute wire, so if you remove it, the radio will easily sweep when you push the up and down arrows.

Step #2: Arrange the wires and Reattach the Back of the Radio

Carefully fix the wires and reattach the back of the radio. Ensure you screwed it well.

Step #3: Attach a Speaker

Get a small speaker and attach it to the earphone jack of your radio. You actually don’t need a big speaker.

You just need to make sure that it is loud enough for you to hear the white noise.

Step #4: Start Using Your DIY Spirit Box

Prepare a recorder and open the radio. This would allow you to review and interpret all the frequencies that you recorded.

Sangean DT-200VX Radio

If you are going to use the Sangean DT-200VX Radio, the process is a lot simpler:

The steps involved are:

  1. Find the three screws at the back of the radio. Loosen them to expose the circuit board inside.
  2. Start detaching the circuit boards from the radio.
  3. After detaching them, bend one of the pins mounting the board.
  4. Attach the circuit boards on the radio and close the back.
  5. Get a small speaker and attach it to the radio. Prepare the digital recorder and start recording the white noise.

tips on how to make a spirit box

Modern DIY Spirit Box

The modern DIY spirit box is a lot easier because you don’t have to open any radios and cut wires.

All you need is your mobile phone, an application, and a speaker.

It is also the preferred method of most people right now because mobile phones are more flexible than radios.

Mobile phones have recording devices already, so you don’t need to get another recording device.

Here is a simple way to turn your mobile phone into a spirit box:

Step #1: Connect the Speaker and Prepare the Recording Devices

Get your speaker and connect it to your mobile phone. You can use a speaker with a jack or Bluetooth speakers.

Next, you can prepare a separate recording or open the recorder on your mobile phone. This is very important since it would record the sound coming from the speaker.

Step #2: Download and Set Up the App

Go to the App Store and download the “Relax Melodies” application. After you finish downloading it, install and open the application.

Once you opened the application, you will see several options. Look for the “White Noise” option and click it.

Step #3: Try Using the Your Ghost Box

The speaker will start producing a sound. You can lower the volume of the speaker if you want to ask something in the void.

After asking your question, increase the volume of the speaker and just let it play.

What Is the Importance of a Spirit Box?

If you are a fan of ghost stories or want to explore the unknown, you need the right tools to prove your point.

If you are still hesitating to get a spirit box, here are some of the reasons why you should never skip this important ghost hunting tool.

You Get Solid Proof

You need a spirit box because it would serve as the main proof for your claims.

You cannot simply say that a ghost talked to you and expect people to believe it. You need to produce proof that ghosts really exist.

A spirit box can capture the voice of spirits; they might even respond to your questions.

As long as you have a voice recorder, you can easily decode the voice from the recording.

Ghosts Don’t Communicate Directly

You might have seen movies or documentaries where ghosts would actually initiate the communication or contact.

Most of the time, though, you have to find a way to speak to them. There are ghosts everywhere, but most of them won’t even bother you unless you can see them.

The only way for you to speak with a ghost is through the spirit box.

Although there are mediums who can allegedly speak with them directly, there is no assurance that you are talking to an actual spirit.

There are a lot of fake mediums out there, so it makes sense that most people won’t regard them as legitimate when it comes to ghosts or spirits.

Confirm the Presence of Ghosts in an Area

The wind suddenly becomes chilly and goosebumps won’t indicate the presence of another entity.

Although some people would say that it is related to ghosts or spirits, it will not prove that something is there.

You can confirm the presence of ghosts in a specific area through a spirit box. Since you can record the sounds coming from it, you can easily determine if a ghost is answering your question or not.

It’s More Fun!

Ghost hunting is not only for serious ghost hunters because you can do this as a form of leisure activity with your family and friends.

You don’t need to go to haunted and old houses just to talk with ghosts. You can just do it inside your house or go to a friend’s house to search for ghosts.

It is always better to have a small device that you can use to make your ghost hunting more realistic.


Learning how to make a spirit box can help you save a lot of money.

The actual spirit box has more advanced features that you can use, but if you are only planning to use it for simple ghost hunting activities, then a DIY spirit box would do the trick.

It is cheaper and more flexible since you don’t really need the advanced features that a regular spirit box offers.