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Does the SB7 Spirit Box actually work? If you want to find out, just continue reading.

But before we start with our review, let us first discuss what the SB7 Spirit Box actually is.

In this day and age, communicating with the supernatural is easier and more accessible. This is due to the developing technology around us. There are now more high-tech options available in order for us to communicate with spirits and for spirits to communicate with us. A spirit box (also known as a ghost box) is one of them. The P-SB7 Spirit Box from ITC research, also known as the SB7, is an Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) device that sweeps through AM and/or FM channels and picks up messages from beyond.



How The P-SB7 Spirit Box Works

This device was created for the sole purpose of capturing and delivering communications from ghosts. It works by sweeping through AM and/or FM channels at different scanning speeds and at different millisecond intervals. It will continuously scan through channels and at this point you’re only going to hear static or white noise from your device. You will then start to hear distinct sounds the device starts to pick up from the AM and/or FM channels that it has been sweeping through. The spirits will be able to communicate with you through the white noise generated from these frequencies and start responding to your questions using one or more words.


The device is able to record the audio output and frequency sweeps it picks up for playback. This allows you to be able to go back and forth through your findings in order to analyze your recordings properly later on.

The SB7 Spirit Box was created for us to hear what the ghosts have to say. By increasing the sweep rate through the frequencies as fast as possible, you can eliminate most of the radio signal interference. It was specifically made for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, but can still be utilized by beginners. If you are interested in paranormal research, ghost hunting, or if you simply just want to communicate with spirits in general, the SB7 is for you.


The SB7 As Seen On Ghost Hunting TV Shows


The P-SB7 Spirit Box is a hit with paranormal investigators and has been a tool they’ve found to be extremely useful during their research on spirit communication.

If you’re familiar with Ghost Adventures, a show on paranormal sightings, the SB7 is consistently used by Zach, one of the members, in order to hear the spirits around them. It was first featured on the show in 2009 when they did a live stream. They were doing an investigation on the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia. The use of the device in this particular episode caused it to go viral and maybe the reason it’s so popular today. And if you’ve seen any of the other episodes, they seem to have great success using it.


The Pros

backlit-portableYou’ll find that the SB7 offers great features and generates many insights during investigations. This is why it has been very popular for professional investigators. The device also offers the following features:

1. The updated version of the device comes with different scanning speeds and gives you access to over 100 new frequencies from AM and/or FM channels.

2. Provides 2 audio outputs. The device can be connected to a handheld speaker or to headphones.

3. It has noise cancellation to get a clear transmission for improved ghost voice detection.

4. Offers backlit display and controls to make it easier to use in the dark.

5. Portable and lightweight. The device can be either handheld for your convenience or you can make use of the built-in stand if needed.

The P-SB7 Spirit Box is powered by regular AAA batteries, which are also initially included during purchase. The device is quite reasonably priced for something that lets ghosts talk and be heard. You can get it for less than $100 on Amazon.


The Cons

speakers-stand-batteriesUntil now, many are very skeptical about this device. In order to interpret the audio output from this device, you must be very critical about the sounds and words you end up hearing. It could be difficult to determine whether or not these sounds are the spirits communicating with you and are trying to tell you something.

1. The volume from the built-in speaker is way too soft. It is much easier to just use a portable external speaker in order to hear the readings easier and better. (This listing on Amazon actually comes with a nice orbital Bluetooth speaker.)

2. Although it comes with batteries, you must always have spare batteries with you just in case it runs out fast. The battery life can be quite short and you never want to run out of batteries in the middle of a recording.

To be frank, the internal speaker on the device itself is inadequate. It will be difficult to read because it is on the back. And if you’re in a noisy place, it will be extremely difficult to hear. The built-in speaker is practically useless because we found that using a separate speaker is better, clearer, and easier.

If you’re interested in what other add-ons you’ll need to make the most of your SB7, we get into that below.


Add-Ons For The SB7

Speakers or Headphones

As mentioned above, the built-in speaker of the SB7 Spirit Box is actually quite useless. The volume is just way too soft for it to be of any use. That’s why I recommend that you either: (1) purchase the device with a nice Bluetooth speaker, or (2) get some noise-canceling headphones so that you can really hear clearly. I suggest getting these inexpensive Sony headphones on Amazon. We’ve tried both solutions, and both work quite well for us.

No matter what you do, if you’re going to purchase a high-quality ghost box like the SB7 don’t skimp on the audio. You should make sure that you have a good speaker or a good pair of headphones to go with it.

Faraday Pouch

If you really want to make the most of your SB7, you should definitely get a Faraday pouch that completely blocks EMF frequencies. Spirit boxes have a tendency to catch unwanted EMF frequencies. A Faraday pouch ensures that you will not receive any AM/FM music or talk radio stations at all.

I recommend you get this Faraday Bag by Mission Darkness on Amazon. We use this specific model ourselves, and it works really well.


How To Use The SB7

Before going straight to questioning, you must have done your research on the spirit you want to contact. It is better when you know the story of the spirit or exactly what happened in the place you’re investigating. You will be able to form better questions and the responses you will receive will make more sense.

Get To Know Your Spirit First

It is better to know the history and the meaning behind the words, names, or objects the SB7 pulls up because it will be more convincing and will give you validation about the spirit communicating with you.

Try to avoid questions that will only generate generic “yes” or “no” responses as it could be quite common to catch that from a random AM and/or FM channel. You must ask specific and direct questions.

During The Session

Start off simple by asking the ghost “Can you say my name?”. You should ask this repeatedly and if you actually hear your name, you should continue to ask a couple more other questions, for further validation. You may also hold an object up and ask “What am I holding in my hand right now?”. These are just simple questions but will give you validation if you start hearing “full” words, directly answering your questions.

Once you feel pretty confident that you are getting valid answers can just keep going. Ask questions with a definitive answer but you must only expect short responses. Usually one or two words and almost always that not all your questions will have relevant answers or even any audio output. You must be patient.


The SB7 will be able to record the audio output which you can review later on. You should also videotape your whole experience of having another person write down all the questions and responses.

You must really be critical with your interpretation and analysis of your results. This is where the recording and the ability to play it back fulfills its very important role. As a researcher, reviewing the audio recording is time-consuming and physically draining. It is extremely difficult to determine if it was indeed a voice from a spirit or just random noise from the different AM and/or FM channels.


The video below demonstrates the operation of the P-SB7 ghost box from ITC research. Included is a way to verify EVP voices using an audio editing program.

Using The SB7 Spirit Box At A Cemetery

In the video down below, Huff Paranormal gives us a great demonstration of the device used in real life (in an actual cemetery).

They head to a cemetery to test out a model that is “detuned” so no radio signal can come through while scanning. These modified models have been detuned in the AM mode, meaning no radio connection. Plus, it removes all the white noise, leaving only a clear sound as it sweeps.

They were able to catch a few EVPs but most were low volume with only one or two that could be heard clearly. That’s why we suggest using a good Bluetooth speaker or headphones.


Spirit Box Apps

If you aren’t sure about purchasing the P-SB7 just yet, you can first try out a free spirit box app. These apps are not as effective (for obvious reasons) but work quite similar to spirit boxes. These apps are available on both Android and ios. We have the best ones listed here:

It is important to note though, that spirit box apps are significantly less effective at communicating with spirits when compared to actual spirit boxes, such as the P-SB7 Spirit Box. If you’re serious about ghost hunting, paranormal investigation or simply communicating with the spirit world, I highly suggest you skip the spirit box apps and purchase an actual spirit box.


Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why the SB7 Spirit Box is one of the most popular paranormal communication devices on the market. It is beginner-friendly, provides tons of features, and is reasonably priced.

It is a great tool for beginners and professionals alike. Fair warning to beginners though, this device actually works. Do not purchase and use this device if you are not actually prepared to communicate with spirits.

For professionals: We, as users of the SB7 Ghost Box, must be critical when interpreting results. I know we are eager to discover and excited to place meaning into the things we hear from the audio output. However, we have to be responsible enough when we decipher and try to determine if what we heard are indeed voices coming from spirits or just the AM and/or FM frequencies.

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, you will find great value in the P-SB7 Spirit Box. If you’re looking to pick one up, you can check the current price right here. This listing actually comes with a nice orbital Bluetooth speaker to make up for the device’s practically useless built-in speaker.

I hope you enjoyed our SB7 Spirit Box Review. If you’re interested in other ghost hunting equipment, you should check out our Comprehensive List of Ghost Hunting Equipment. That’s where we list all the equipment we use on our paranormal investigations and recommend which ones are necessary, and which ones you can skip.