Do you love watching all sorts of ghost hunting videos in your bedroom? It’s a guaranteed way to keep someone up at night.

Once you start binge-watching, you’re going to be wanting more. Here are the top 10 best ghost hunting shows I would personally recommend you to watch and keep binging. 

The Best Ghost Hunting Shows

1. Haunted Collector

This show is about a family, led by John Zaffis, trying to look for anything out of the ordinary. They are on a quest to look for “paranormal objects.”

Not all people believe ghosts can possess things such as dolls, paintings, and other inanimate objects. John and his family have been asked to consult on hauntings for many years.

Throughout their years of ghost hunting, they have collected a ton of possessed objects. They are all kept in their museum where people are allowed to visit and see these objects themselves.

They aired their first episode on June 1, 2011, and went on for two years, which ended May 10, 2013. If you’re looking for a classic, this may be the right ghost hunting show for you.

2. Kindred Spirits

A ghost hunting show where they assist families who have ghostly problems. This time, they’re not here to collect possessed objects, but rather to figure out what’s tormenting the family (which can sometimes involve objects as well).

The way they run their show is they first do extensive research about the area. After they’ve gathered enough information, they’ll try to initiate contact with the said spirit. Its utter silence and the overall vibe of the events is what makes it so frightening to watch.

The spirits they encounter are usually latched onto houses or family members. Some tend to cling on to human life as their primary goal; to gain a second chance at being alive.

This show tries to help both the living and the dead. You could say the show investigates murder mysteries, ghost style. 

3. Paranormal Lockdown

If you’re a veteran watching ghost hunting videos, you may know seasoned ghost hunter veterans Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman. They make a perfect tandem when it comes to this job.

They mostly stay in haunted areas for 72 straight hours doing nothing but communicating with ghosts. Most of the time, their lengthy confinement would lead to numerous pieces of evidence.

Sometimes, they would often encounter hauntings in broad daylight. This isn’t something that ghosts and otherworldly apparitions tend to do.

The show portrays a more raw, uncut, and less dramatic approach to ghost hunting. You’ll be able to feel and understand what happens in a ghost hunt.

4. Ghost Brothers

Let’s take a bit of a breather and lean in on the lighter side of ghost hunting. Here we have the first African-American paranormal investigation team comprised of Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey. Hence the title, Ghost Brothers.

They also look into families that have been experiencing paranormal activities. All three brothers have the biggest hearts in helping any family who need assistance.

Even with all the humor and jokes, they still manage to record some of the most chilling ghostly conversations. Most of the time, the encounters may be too scary for Juwan Mass that he knows when to run when the stuff hits the fan.

They are here to prove there can be a little bit of humor in the unknown. With Marcus Harvey, being the most spiritual member of the group, he has abilities that give peace and hope to frightened family members.


5. Paranormal State

Ever heard of a ghost hunting show run by a university club? Known as the Pennsylvania State University Paranormal Research Society.

There’s not much to say about this, except that it’s an overproduced show. Producers also wrote the narrative arcs for the students to play out.

Although it may seem too fake for naysayers, it’s still fun to watch if you’re just here for the scares. The same with the other three shows, they still do shows with families and Catholic Churches.

Being an over-budgeted show comes with a few perks. Namely, the way they do the cinematography. Just try to not take the show too seriously.

6. Most Haunted

This may be one of the longest-running shows featuring ghost hunters. It was first shown on Living TV between 2002 and 2010. You’ll also be able to watch their videos on their official Youtube account.

This show was created and led by Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie. You can consider them veterans in the ghost hunting field. Just like many other shows, there have been controversies about it being fake.

The team mostly visits alleged haunted locations around Europe. Ranging from old castles, catacombs, and even underground tunnels.

The crew’s acting capability is somewhat over the top. Nevertheless, it can still scare anybody if they get caught off guard.

7. BuzzFeed Unsolved

Enough with the old and in with the new. BuzzFeed Unsolved is a segment from BuzzFeed, where Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej tackle all sorts of paranormal investigations.

They try to discuss the case with the viewers. Usually, they talk about murder victims, unknown disappearances of people, or haunted areas.

In some episodes, they also try to visit these said places such as the Old Alton Bridge, a.k.a., “The Demonic Goatman’s Bridge.” This episode shows them actually conducting all sorts of experiments to try and get the attention of the alleged goat demon.

The show is still currently airing episodes weekly. This may be fitting for you if you want a more modern take on ghost hunting.

8. Mind Seed TV

Here’s another take on the modern era of ghost hunting. Mind Seed TV is unlike any other ghost hunter. He uses high-tech gadgets that help him catch, hear, or see otherworldly entities.

One episode which really boosted his reputation as a ghost hunter was when he opened a Dybbuk box. He bought it on the deep web where all kinds of illegal things are being sold or shown.

After examining the box and opening it, strange occurrences started happening in that room. The Youtube Play Button that was hanging on the ceiling began to move on its own until it finally fell. He stated he was the only person in the room at that time.

However way you want to put it, it’s a pretty convincing and entertaining video to watch. There’s nothing scarier than letting out an evil entity in your own home.


Another adventurer seeking the thrill of catching ghosts with his camera. What’s good about this guy is that he sometimes live streams his adventures.

This gives the viewers a chance to see and feel as if they’re the ones on an adventure. Of course, with a little bit of commentary here and there by FRANKO TV, you may need his voice to keep a bit of your sanity with you.

Even with a low subscriber count, he still has a lot to offer to the ghost hunting community. Visiting abandoned castles, catacombs, and several other haunted places, you’ll surely find yourself immersed in his videos.

Be sure to catch him doing a live stream from time to time. You’ll never know what kind of unexplainable scenarios he’ll pull himself into.

Here’s one of his videos in a haunted crematorium:


10. OmarGoshTV

Feeling a little adventurous lately? Let Omar take you on a journey to different locations where you’ll encounter more than just weird noises or ghostly places.

You’re going to be seeing a lot of full-length, unedited videos of Omar exploring haunted tunnels, houses, and graveyards. There are also episodes of him sleeping in a haunted house for a full night. Each video runs at least 30 minutes, so it’s best you take a bathroom break before watching.

And if we’re going to talk about the authenticity of his videos, it’s almost impossible to tell whether they are real or not. He makes it a point that every video he takes convinces people there are actual spirits living among us.

What makes it even more thrilling to watch is he goes to these haunted areas alone. Without a crew or anybody to talk to, it certainly adds a ton of suspense for the viewers.

11. Ghost Adventures

This list isn’t complete without talking about the most famous ghost hunting show ever produced. What started as a team of four members turned into three as Nick Groff went on to start another show called “Paranormal Lockdown.”

You won’t have to keep hitting pause on your screen to search for any strange apparitions because this show readily displays the evidence. With all the high-tech ghost hunting equipment they use, catching paranormal occurrences has never been this easy and scary.

Even the die-hard skeptics are surely going to have second thoughts with this show. With all the hard evidence they collect in every episode, you can’t help but actually agree with them. They’ve even had other celebrities go with them on visits such as Post Malone, Jamie Gold, Brit Morgan, and more.

Let it be known that it’s not all about the ratings, but rather how you portray the story to everyone. This show sets the nail in the coffin when we’re talking about one of the best ghost hunting shows.

My Two Cents

Most of these shows still haven’t given us a clear definition of what a ghost truly is. But there’s no denying that they are entertaining shows that provide a bit of chill from time to time.

With these 11 best ghost hunting shows, you may be able to select and binge watch one of them tonight. Maybe an over-the-top scare may be the one for you or just the utter silence of trying to contact spirits is enough already.

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